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10 Concordia Facts You May Not Know

November 22, 2019
CTX campus

Concordia University Texas has a rich history. Here are 10 facts you may not have known about the university.

1. Lutheran Foundation

Concordia was established by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) to prepare high school boys for ministry within the church. Our curriculum is rooted in Lutheran theology.

2. First Class

Concordia's first-ever class was held on October 26, 1926, with 26 students.

3. Concordia Older than I-35

Concordia existed before I-35. Originally called East Avenue, the major highway didn't open in Austin until 1962. Though the campus is gone, Concordia Avenue, a road perpendicular to I-35 in downtown Austin, remains between E 32nd St and E 38th St.

4. Downtown to Northwest Austin

Prior to 2008, Concordia was in downtown Austin. Nearby St. Paul's Lutheran Church (LCMS) was regularly used for events, including the induction of Rev. Henry Studtmann as the first president and professor of Concordia.

5. High School to University

Over a period of 69 years, Concordia transitioned from a high school preparing young boys for ministry in the LCMS to a full university.

In 1951, Concordia expanded to become a junior college. After disbanding the high school curriculum in the 1960s, the institution officially became a four-year college in 1980 and a university in 1995.

6. Name Changes

CTX has had four different names:

  • 1926 - 1965 Lutheran Concordia College of Texas
  • 1965 - 1995 Concordia Lutheran College
  • 1995 - 2007 Concordia University at Austin

The University's name was officially changed to Concordia University Texas in 2007.

7. Nine Presidents

A total of nine presidents have led Concordia over our 93-year history. Our current president, Dr. Don Christian, assumed the role in 2014.

8. Original Campus Treasures

Concordia incorporated many parts of the old campus into the new campus. For example, the guard station at the entrance was built to resemble Birkmann Chapel that stood on the original campus.

9. Cruciform Designed by Former President

Rev. Dr. Ray Martens designed the Cruciform during his time as president. The Cruciform, which sits between the Science & Technology Building (Building D) and the Dining Hall (Building E), sat at the top of a two-story tower on the original campus.

CTX cruciform

10. Collection of Mascots

VorTex the Tornado is our fourth mascot. Concordia was home to the Outlaws, the Cardinals, and then the Stags and Lady Stags.

To learn more facts about Concordia University Texas, visit our website.