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What the Hack?! HOPZERO Offers Revolutionary Solution for Internet Security

December 06, 2019
HOPZERO Offers Revolutionary Solution for Internet Security

Concordia University Texas is home to IncubatorCTX, which is an entrepreneurial hub in Northwest Austin. HOPZERO, an Internet security company, was founded at IncubatorCTX.

Co-founder and CTO, Bill Alderson, was the featured speaker for IncubatorCTX's final Speaker Series of 2019. He shared some wonderful insights about data security and HOPZERO's revolutionary solution for Internet security.

HOPZERO Offers Innovative Internet Security Solution

The HOPZERO team has worked tirelessly on this internet security solution, and they're preparing to bring it to the marketplace.

"Entrepreneurs have to have persistence like no other," Alderson explained. "We do it through faith in God, faith in the marketplace and faith in the community that supports us."

Although true Internet security may seem unachievable, Alderson encourages people to never give up, because that's when the hacker has you where they want you. "Good can conquer evil," he explained. HOPZERO's innovative product that will transform Internet security is a result of the team's persistence.

How Online Data Travels

Internet data is transferred through data packets, which are units of specific data that travel through different network segments (such as routers) until they reach their destination.

Each segment a packet travels through counts as one travel distance, or hop.

Internet Security Issues

"Our security is a big problem today," Alderson said. He explained that fifty-four percent of people believe their company will be hacked. But it's not just businesses; individuals are also at risk of being attacked.

Because nearly everything is connected to the Internet, we are prone to online attackers more than ever. The more we put online, the more important Internet security becomes.

Connected devices may be convenient, but they make you incredibly vulnerable to attacks. Any connected device you own has the potential to be breached, granting hackers access to your home, business, school, government agency and more.

All of our connected devices, from our phones and smartwatches to our televisions and Echo dots, are set by default to communicate with devices globally. It takes just 40 hops to travel the world.

Firewalls Fail

An organization's primary wall of defense is fittingly called a firewall, designed to keep hackers (aka phishers) out of your computer and valuable files.

While firewalls are important, they continually fail to prevent major data breaches because they are prone to human error. One wrong click is all it takes to allow a hacker to bypass a firewall and access your valuable data. Just ask companies like Equifax, Capital One or Marriott.

Penetrable firewalls and billions of connected devices create the perfect storm (pardon the CTX pun) for online data breaches. A revolutionary solution for Internet security is needed. That's where HOPZERO comes in.

HOPZERO Looks at Internet Security in A New Way

Alderson presented HOPZERO's cutting-edge solution for preventing data breaches. They have produced an innovative approach to Internet security. "What we focus on is what you call 'exfiltration,'" he said.

In other words, firewalls focus on keeping hackers out of servers, away from sensitive data. HOPZERO's solution focuses on preventing hackers from taking sensitive data out of servers.

Their new product, HOPSphere Radius Security, puts a leash on data.

Here's how it works.

Alexa, tell me more about HOPZERO's Internet security solution.

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