Mikail Doty

Mikail McIntosh-Doty

Mikail McIntosh-Doty, MA, MLIS, MAR is the Director of Library Services at CTX.  She has taught at college/university, community college, public and private institutions of higher education.  Her service includes work with Professional Development Committee of ATLA (the national organization for theological libraries in North America), the College Library Director Mentor program, the TexTreasures grant review board of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, the College and University Library Division of the Texas Library Association, and the Texas Council of Academic Libraries.  She has just completed her work serving on the special libraries sub-committee of the ALA President’s initiative “Libraries Transform: The Expert in the Library.”  Mikail also teaches American history now and then and a transfer student version of the CTX distinctive course: Life and Leadership.  She collects dragons because she feels they embody the essence of libraries: places that hold unexpected challenges, danger and the opportunity to be a hero.

11400 Concordia University Dr, Austin, TX 78726

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