All Those Who Say There Is No Problem Must Go

Oct. 03, 2017 by Jim McConnell

All Those Who Say There Is No Problem Must Go

I love problems!  Well, I don’t actually love them so much that I go around looking for problems, but the “status quo” or “maintenance” mode is not a place I like to be. For some reason, a problem or challenge gets me excited and working all day to solve a problem make me fulfilled!

I don’t understand people who are okay with ignoring a problem, in hopes it will go away or not be noticed by others. Really? If you clearly see a problem, don’t you think others notice it, too? Remember the time as a child when that reasoning seemed logical? So, if I just ignore that broccoli on my plate, mom won’t notice that I didn’t eat it, so it won’t be a problem. Yeah, that worked out great, didn’t it!

Life is full of problems. Working at Concordia has problems, too. As Christians, we owe it to ourselves, and our fellow students and workers, to not ignore, but tackle those problems. Some may be as simple as working out a course schedule for a student or figuring out how you will get everything you need to run your department with your allotted budget. Others may be more challenging such as speaking up for a fellow student who is being ignored or treated unfairly by peers or understanding the views of a fellow worker that differ from your own.

Luther was emphatic in Thesis 92 when he wrote, “All those who say there is no problem must go. Problems must be tackled.”  We need to follow that advice today.  Problems do not just go away, nor will ignoring them get resolution. Problems seem to reproduce like rabbits when we don’t acknowledge and address them directly. Take the lead and tackle that problem. Who knows, may you will get that “rush” like I do!

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