Get excited for Be a Tornado Day

Mar. 21, 2018 by Carmen Acosta

campusHaven't decided where you're going to college? Avoid the wait by attending Be A Tornado Day!

At this event, you can fill out your application, bring your official transcripts and test scores and receive a same-day admission decision.

Be a Tornado Day is one of my favorite events that we host for prospective students. There are food trucks, yard games, scavenger hunts, you name it! It’s also a time you can move along in the application process, and we will be readily available to help answer any questions. Whether you haven’t submitted an application, or are ready to make your commitment deposit, this event is for you. We are so excited to meet our future Tornados! I’ll repeat again for the people in the back…FOOD TRUCK. What more do you need?

Get more information here! Or watch our video on the event here.

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