Concordia Launches School of Ministry

Jul. 14, 2021 by WebMaster

School of Ministry Concordia University Texas logoConcordia University Texas recently established the School of Ministry within the College of Arts & Sciences, uniting the resources of the programs that prepare students for vocations in church work. 

While the School of Ministry is new to Concordia, the University's commitment to ready students for vocations in the Church began nearly 95 years ago. Founded in 1926, Concordia was established to prepare young men to enter the ministry of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

"We want to give our church work students a chance to learn and grow together as well as opportunities to go theologically deeper in the classroom," Dr. Grant Carey, the director of the School of Ministry, said.

Learn more about the programs in the School of Ministry.

Concordia School of Ministry

The new school houses the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education (DCE) program, Pre-Seminary Studies minor, and multiple certification programs, including the DCE Specialist Certification, Christian Teacher Diploma, Lutheran Teacher Diploma, and Lutheran Teacher Colloquy.

Through an interactive cohort model rooted in the Lutheran tradition, students experience a uniquely designed, rigorous curriculum that promotes deep theological discussion and Christ-centered collaboration as members of the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27-30).

School of Ministry's Principles

Five principles serve as the foundation of Concordia's School of Ministry: fellowship, scholarship, mentorship, stewardship, and discipleship.


The School of Ministry is a learning community composed of students who desire to serve the Church. Students will take several classes together and participate in retreats, service opportunities, and other events.


CTX holds students in the School of Ministry to a higher academic standard in specific coursework, including exegesis, doctrinal study, the primary texts of the historic Church, and the scholarship of the modern Church.


Students receive one-on-one guidance from program directors, support from internship and practicum mentors, and career guidance before and beyond graduation.

"Students learn from our outstanding faculty who have extensive parish ministry experience," Carey explained.


The school enables students to hone their God-given gifts while discovering ways to develop talents in others. Graduates of the School of Ministry will excel in using their unique skills and talents to serve and train others.


Students are prepared for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28 to "go and make disciples." They learn how to spread the Gospel and equip others to do the same by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.


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