Eight New Year’s Resolutions for our Tornados

Dec. 26, 2017 by Ashley Sava

sleepGet X hours of sleep per night

Admit it! You aren’t sleeping enough. Nail down how many specific hours you need (probably seven or eight for most college-aged students) and stick with it! A resolution to “get more sleep” just isn’t specific enough! You will be smarter, healthier and more successful if you are consistent with your sleep schedule.

procrastinationFinish your assignments AT LEAST one day in advance

The highest-stress parts of the semester come when major papers and projects are due, and you haven’t got around to finishing (or gulp!) even starting them. Plan instead to finish a little early so you can get some sleep, not be as stressed and turn in your best work.

volunteerVolunteer regularly

Set up a timeline on how regularly you can give back to the school or the community. Is it weekly? Twice a month? Monthly? Whatever you can do to help will be appreciated and you will feel better about how you’re living your life.

exerciseSpend X hours a week exercising

Make an exact goal on how many hours you want to spend at the gym, or even walking, and commit to following through. Joining an intramural sports team or finding a workout buddy is a good way to keep you on track to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

eat healthyEat healthier

College life is notorious for its unhealthy food options. Don’t make a change you can’t stick to, but make one major change that you can carry out every day. Maybe it’s cutting down soda to three cans per week, or adding a serving of fresh fruit and vegetables to every meal. Are you a fast food junkie? Limit your visits to one spoil per week! Every little change makes a difference in your energy levels, your quality of sleep and even your mood.

try something newTry something new every month

Challenge yourself to try something outside your comfort zone (or even something outside your interests) every month. Attend a lecture on a topic you know nothing about, try an activity that is foreign to you or learn a new sport. You might find a new hobby or passion!

credit cardSlow your roll on that credit card

Be strict about your credit card use and only use it when it's necessary. If you need new books for class or gas for your car, using your credit card makes sense. Using your card for new shoes, eating out and fun is just going to rack you up in debt that you will have to take care of after graduation. Don’t go down that wormhole.  

read bibleImprove your relationship with God

Attending a Christian university makes this a little easier! Make it a point to attend Chapel at least three times per week. Already pretty good about attending Chapel? Well, have you ever read the entire Bible? It isn’t as intimidating as it seems! There are free online plans out there to help you get through the Bible in 365 days! What a resolution that would be!

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