Embark! The Herald Tornados Sing

Jul. 10, 2017 by Ashley Sava

EMBARK!Campus is crawling with incoming freshman getting the skinny on navigating campus, selecting classes, living the dorm life, exploring landmarks and discovering the limitless joys of the meal plan. This freshman orientation, known as Embark!, brings future Tornados together to bond, create their course schedules, get the lay of the land, participate in teambuilding activities and come together for worship.

While the students are learning the ropes of being a student at a university, moms and dads are also getting the rundown on how to parent a college kid. Parents sat down in the Chapel for a lecture on this complicated transition involving the challenges of watching your child grow up, the art of letting go and tips to make sure their children have basic adults skills such as operating a washing machine, changing a tire, managing a budget, juggling academics with a social life and problem-solving skills.



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