Mister Twister: More than just a beauty pageant

May. 18, 2017 by Ashley Sava

Although sometimes referred to as the equivalent of a male beauty pageant, Concordia’s annual celebration of honorable men is so much more than that. While swimwear is featured and critiqued, formal interviews and performing a skillful talent are huge components of the contestants’ scores.

“It’s really a crowning of Mr. Concordia,” Meredith Heathcoat, CTX Student Life Administrator, said.

Concordia's top men have been coming together to battle it out for the title since 2011. Music, yard games, cotton candy and food trucks are a part of this Tornado tradition.

Tune in to next Thursday’s blog to read about another Tornado tradition.



He's Beauty, He's Glister, He's Mister Twister

Mister Twister

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