Concordia Reveals Newest Concentration to the MBA Program, SFO

Jun. 19, 2017 by Ashley Sava

Concordia's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, structured specifically for working professionals seeking to expand their career path, is eager to announce its newest concentration, School Finance and Operations.

This specialty is designed for those aspiring to take on leadership roles in the central office of an educational setting. Aside from the core MBA courses (30 credit hours), students will take four specialty courses specifically tailored for the K-12 education environment (12 credit hours). Field work components will be embedded into the courses giving students observational knowledge of how school districts function.

An SFO is valuable and marketable as it is recognized in more than 1,000 Texas K-12 school districts.

The Facts

  • 42 Credit Hours
  • Seven semesters
  • One class at a time for eight weeks
  • Offered online or on campus

School Finance and Operations Course Layout

Semester 1

  • Quantitative Methods and Statistics (3 credits)
  • Critical Thinking (3 credits)

Semester 2

  • Managerial Economics (3 credits)
  • Marketing Management (2 credits)
  • Leadership Seminar 1: Engaging Self (1 credit)

Semester 3

  • Managerial Accounting (3 credits)
  • Managing Operations and Technology (2 credits)
  • Leadership Seminar 2: Engaging Others (1 credit)

Semester 4

  • Managerial Finance (3 credits)
  • Organizational Ethics, Behavior and Change (3 credits)

Semester 5

  • Business, Society and Public Policy (2 credits)
  • Decision Making and Strategy in Complex Situations (3 credits)
  • Leadership Seminar 3: Engaging Community (1 credit)

Semester 6

  • School Finance for Business Officials (3 credits)
  • School Law for Business Officials (3 credits)

Semester 7

  • Operation I (3 credits)
  • Operations II (3 credits)

Educational Concentration Courses Description

Once a student finishes the core 30 credit hours required in the first five semesters, they will take an additional 12 hours of specialty courses designed by the College of Education. The courses must be taken in the order indicate below:

School Finance for Business Officials: Although a general finance course is offered in the MBA courses, this course focuses on the history of the legal battles over school finance in Texas, as well as the details of a very complex statewide system of school finance. The most recent legislative action regarding school finance will also be reviewed.

School Law for Business Officials: There is an entire subset of the law that deals specifically with educational legal issues. Seminal cases in school law will be examined as well as a whole host of issues that the modern business official will need to know, including the school bond management, election requirements, employment procedures, special education mandates, investment restrictions and processes, bidding laws, federal and state program reporting requirements and environmental issues.

Operations I & II: There are many topics to be covered regarding the operations of schools, it was decided to split this course into two parts. This list of topics here is not all-inclusive, but these two courses will cover such areas as:

  • Facilities
  • Building and grounds maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Data management
  • Athletics and other extra-curricular activity support
  • Food Service
  • Technology support and planning
  • Construction
  • Energy conservation
  • Hazardous materials
  • Chemical applications
  • Safety/Crisis plans

“Not only are we excited about the partnership between Concordia and the Texas Association of School Business Officials, we are also delighted that part of the agreement gives TASBO members a $50 discount per credit hour for the program,” Allen Brown, AVP for Academics at Concordia University, said. “This amounts to a $2,100 savings over the term of the program. This is significant, and we hope this will encourage TASBO members to take advantage of the fine program we have put together for them.”

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