Dr. Wilt takes over as Dean of the College of Business and Communication

Apr. 13, 2018 by Ashley Sava

wilt Dr. Randolph Wilt was named Dean of the College of Business and Communication on April 5. Wilt, our Human Resources Management Program Director and Program Director of International Business, holds a PhD in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication, an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management and an MA in Strategic Communication and Leadership. He has business industry experience such as CEO of Bells International and Deputy Director of University of Texas Project on Conflict Resolution.

“Making a mark on people’s lives is what I strive to do,” Wilt said. “I’ve always been about making an impact on our student’s lives.”

Wilt has served as Interim Dean since last July, and in that time he has assisted the launch of the Global Public Health programs, the writing of new MBA offerings and the implementation of various new MBA concentrations expanding our impact. 

“I hope to find the best way to recruit students, and to build retention.”

One of the ways Wilt hopes to achieve this is by creating more programs to entice students to get their master’s degrees.

“We need more master’s programs,” he said. “Eventually, I want 50 percent of our Business students to get their master’s, whether that’s by staying here, coming back here later on or continuing their education somewhere else.”

Provost and Executive Vice President Kristi Kirk said Wilt has already made a lot of progress with this goal.

"Dr. Wilt has been instrumental in helping us to envision the future of our MBA program,” she said. "We cannot wait to see his visions come to life in the coming years."

Wilt’s mission is to reinforce the university’s value of creating lifelong learners.

“We’re not trying to create static students,” Wilt said. “We want our students to walk out with a toolbox of skills, but to be evolving and organic learners. The end of their time here is not the end of their education. It’s just the beginning.”

He also hopes to help students find their purpose.

“It’s not about finding a job, it’s about vocation.”

Wilt said that the majority of Business students come in thinking they want to become CEOs, but he teaches them to find the value in all areas of the industry.

“It’s about keeping the happiest life balance you can, while making the best impact you can,” Wilt said.

He believes our faculty are more than professors, but mentors and support systems.

“You’ve got to lead by example,” Wilt said. “Students have to be able to see Christ in you, or you’re defeating the purpose of why God put you at this university.”

Our Mission is Developing Christian Leaders