IncubatorCTX Speaker Series - Invest in Your Time: An Intentional Mindset

Building B, Incubator

11400 Concordia University Dr
Austin, TX 78726

Your time is a valuable investment and like your investment portfolio where you manage risks, rewards, balance stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You want to manage your time portfolio to pay attention to the right amount of work, vacation, relationships, and self- improvement. When asked what would be the most valuable use of an extra hour in your day, the majority would say, “spending more time on what’s truly important,” whether it’s making memories with family and friends, working on a hobby, sleeping an extra hour, or socializing on the web. But when it comes to making the effort to gain that extra hour, it’s easier said than done, unless we form a mindset habit to intentionally manage and protect our valuable time.

In this presentation we’ll discuss the following topics and together we will develop an action plan to manage and protect your most valuable investment, your time!

o Working from home or remote from anywhere while mindfully connecting with family & friends,

o Intentionally managing your time throughout the day,

o Identifying your most productive hours in your day,

o Staying in the zone to focus on one-thing at a time rather than multi-tasking, and

o Strategically managing interruptions to enjoy different aspects of your life that are energizing to you.


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Wednesday, 07 April, 2021


Kristin Spindler