Come to Canada with LAMP

Note: You will need a passport for this trip.

Open to: Families, friends, church members, or any combination of these from same or different congregations and even different countries (U.S. and Canada). Individuals can join existing teams, or a church can sponsor their own team. Youth under 16 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Date of Trip: Summer 2019. Teams commit to teaching VBS for one week in either July or August. The week that each team travels is dependent on the availability of the team and the schedule of the community.*

*Each mission team is asked to commit to five years of ministering in the same community so that missionaries can develop and build deep, meaningful relationships with the community members as well as within the team. Team members are encouraged to foster relationships with those in the North throughout the year.

LAMP provides all volunteers with significant support before, during, and after their mission trip. LAMP staff works throughout the year with communities, ensuring accommodations and areas for ministry are adequate. LAMP also provides cross-cultural training, a comprehensive and culturally-sensitive curriculum, help with transportation arrangements, and team visits. Most importantly, LAMP prays for each team member by name as they minister.

Cost: LAMP ministers in some communities that are accessible by roads year-round and some communities that are only accessible by air (summer) or ice roads (winter). All teams are responsible for all costs related to travel, food, and VBS supplies. Average amount per person is $500 for a drive-in community. If placed in a fly-in community, each team member is responsible for travel costs to the nearest commercial airport in the area you will serve. Each team member flying into a community is asked to contribute a minimum of $350 to help offset the costs of flights. The average cost for a fly-in community including the $350 donation is $1000.

For more information about the ministry of LAMP or how to volunteer, please visit the LAMP website.

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