Houston LINC

Houston Collage

Open to: 12 years old and up

LINC Houston suggests the ratio of 1 adult to every 6 youth.

Site Coordinator: Dorinda Werner (dorinda@linchouston.org) 618-593-1419

Schedule: We are flexible and can cater to your time frame. Consider arriving on Friday night and staying through Wednesday or Thursday AM

Cost: $360.00 (per person per week + 25.00 (administrative fee) or $65 per night. $25 non-refundable deposit.

Price includes food, lodging, work project supplies, t-shirt, and training materials. The fee does NOT include transportation or the Houston Temple Tour ($25 per person).

Houston Temple Tour: Your group will have the opportunity to have a guided tour of a Mosque, Hindu Temple and a Buddhist temple and conclude with a delicious international meal. The purpose of the tour is to open eyes to what others believe and to appreciate more completely what God in His mercy has done for us through Jesus Christ. We have debriefing time to answer questions and to emphasize the need to witness to people with other beliefs. The price includes a tasty international meal.

Year Around Trips are available (Fall, Winter, and Spring Break Trips are good options): Please call with your preferred dates.

Date of Trip: Summer 2019 (start/end dates may vary)

Suggested weeks:

  • June 12-17
  • June 19-24
  • June 26 - July 1 (tentatively booked) 
  • July 6-10 (booked)
  • July 17-22
  • July 24-29 (tentatively booked) 

The LINC Hope for Houston Experience

Join us in a cross-culture mission experience in the diverse city of Houston where 6.2 million people live and approximately 4 million do not believe in Jesus as their Savior. The task is HUGE, but our God uses US to share His message of salvation with others. We have 15 Mission churches that are very passionate and intentional about making disciples of all nations. About half our mission churches are Hispanic and our other mission churches are made up of a people from Africa (Congo, Eritrea, Nigeria to name a few) and India.

We believe God has a mission for YOU when you come here. We pray together to seek His will and purpose. We listen to what your group's strengths are and we match you with a mission church which will be blessed by your presence and partnership. Often times you will have the opportunity to serve by doing physical work such as painting a house or mowing yards. But, always, our goal is to reach the community with the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. So, you may do prayer walks and street reach, lead a sports camp, or promote and put on a community festival or VBS at the mission church. Bring your talent in working with children, performing skits, singing/playing music, leading games, doing crafts and sharing your faith.

We have the following three missional goals in everything that we plan:

  • Good - Sharing service
  • Better- Sharing friendship
  • Best - Sharing Jesus

Remember: WE are Christ's ambassadors! "...And He has committed to us the message of reconciliation.  We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us." 2 Corinthians 5: 19-20

All Volunteers MUST have health insurance and an updated tetanus shot. Also, all youth must be at least 12 years old.


"Our mission trip experience was awesome! I will definitely keep LINC Houston in mind for a future trip with the youth! Thanks for getting all of that put together for us in such a short time! God bless!" Pastor Kevin, University of Nebraska

"This trip challenged me and helped me to grow tremendously in my spiritual walk with Christ." Rice U student

"This experience will help me be a better person. I will learn to put others before me." High School Student -- Alabama

"I wish I could stay and help all these kids to grow their faith." High School Student -- Alabama

"I learned that I can be missional anytime, anywhere." Concordia U student

"I learned that missions are important even in America." Concordia U student