Saint Louis Acts 1:8

St Louis Pictures

Open to: 13 years old and up

(Middle School or Family Trips upon request)

Site Coordinator: Pastor Randy Wilken

Date: Year Around (Please call or email CAN-DO Missions with your preferred dates.)

Cost: Weekly rate $275.00 + $25.00 admin fee

Weekly rate Family is $550 for the whole family + $25 per person admin fee

For shorter trips: $55 per day + $10 admin fee

$110 per family  per day + $10 per person admin fee

Price includes food, lodging, construction materials, insurance, t-shirt, and training materials.

Teams will be doing projects in and around the community of The Rock (St. Peters Lutheran Church), This includes the St Louis metro area, as well as potential trans-state projects. Groups focus on learning construction skills, people/relational ministry, and working with people of all ages and backgrounds.