University Fundraisers

For University Faculty, Staff, Students and Internal Organizations

Not only is the Office of External Relations responsible for fundraising and relationships with alumni, community members, and outside organizations, they are responsible for coordinating all fundraising and philanthropic efforts within the University as well.

The Office of External Relations works hard to maintain an accurate record of all fundraising and solicitation activities in order to be good stewards of resources and relationships, both on and off campus. To maintain these relationships, we request your help in streamlining donation requests. This allows your office or organization to benefit from University relationships while keeping communication with donors efficient and supporting our mission of developing Christian leaders.

If your office, class, student club, or University organization plans to conduct any sort of fundraiser (on or off campus), to seek in-kind donations from organizations or individuals (on or off campus), or to ask for discounts from area businesses and organizations, please contact the Office of External Relations before proceeding. You can contact us at 512.313.4112 or

Thank you for your assistance!