Student Impact Stories

Photo of Grace Freeman Class of 2021Grace F. | Class of 2021

Grace is one of six children raised by a single mother in a refugee camp in Ghana. She saw the devastating results of the lack of healthcare that was available to those in the camp. Determined to make a difference, Grace planned to attend school so that she could pursue a career in the medical field. A visiting journalist from the United States decided to sponsor Grace so that she could come to the U.S. and obtain her education.

Grace fell in love with Concordia because she felt like she wasn’t just a number and that the administration recognized the fire in her to be a leader and make a difference. She is now pursuing her nursing education and is a student worker for Student Activities. If you ask Grace what she loves most about Concordia, she will tell you that she loves how comfortable people make you feel and that everyone is so willing to help. Grace wants to work both in the U.S. and Liberia, and she hopes to one day run for the Ministry of Health in Liberia to help change the healthcare policies so that more people can have access to care.

Please continue to give. Because of you, I can continue to learn and grow. Your financial gifts are not just helping to provide mine and others' are a part of creating leaders that are going to change the world.

Photo of Reagan Keller Class of 2020Reagan K. | Class of 2020

CTX has meant the world to me. I love being able to attend a school where I have the freedom to express and discuss my Christianity openly. From the moment I stepped onto campus I could feel the sense of community.

From the students to the professors to the president, I know that I’m not just a number but that I am cared for, accepted and encouraged. CTX is so much more than just a place for education…it’s a family. To the donors that have made my experience possible, thank you for making this campus a place of inspiration. Your support and prayers are so amazing and you have made mine and so many others experiences possible.

Photo of Markell Irvin Class of 2020Markell I. | Class of 2020

Markell is a current Communications Major from Thrall, Texas. He has aspirations to work in the PR and Sports Marketing arena. Coming from a small town, where you know everyone, it’s often difficult to adjust to a new place and make friends.

When Markell started classes at Concordia, he was concerned that this would be the case for him but he quickly learned the exact opposite. Since being at Concordia, Markell has truly found his voice and has learned what he is passionate about. To him, Concordia is a connected family that is all about supporting each other and that goes from the students all the way to the President of the University.

Markell is not only pursuing his degree here at CTX, he is also the President of the Black Student Union, a Service Learning Leader, and was part of the Tennis Team. Due to the financial support of alumni and friends of CTX, Markell has been able to pursue his education and be involved in the Concordia Community. Without you, none of this would be possible!