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American Sign Language


Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

ASL 1311 American Sign Language

Sophia West (Gember)



Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

ACC 2301 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Ashley Hibbetts (Ross)

ACC 2302 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting


ACC 3301 Intermediate Accounting I


ACC 3302 Intermediate Accounting II


ACC 3320 Fundamentals of Taxation


ACC 3370 Auditing Theory and Practice


ACC 3382 Fraud Examination


BADM 1101 Business Communications


BADM 1201 Intro to Business

Ashley Hibbetts (Clements) 

BADM 2301 Business Statistics I


BADM 3311 Principles of Management

Ashley Hibbetts (Knowles)

BADM 3321Business Law


BADM 3340 HR Management


BADM 3350 Principles of Marketing

Ashley Hibbetts (Araya) 

BADM 3360 Finance

Ashley Hibbetts (Skouratova)

BADM 3361 International Finance Management


BADM 3371 Management Information System

Ashley Hibbetts  (Knowles)

ECO 2301 Intro to Macroeconomics


ECO 2302 Intro to Microeconomics

Ashley Hibbetts (Enayati) 

MBA 5300 Quant. Methods and Statistics


MBA 5302 Managerial Economics


MBA 5307 Managerial Accounting




Tutor (Tutor's Professor) 

COM 1300 Fundamentals of Communication


COM 1371H Honors Communication for Social Change


COM 2301 Human Communication Theory


COM 2303 Mass Media History and Theory  
COM 3304 Group Dynamics  

COM 3308 Persuasive Communication


COM 3310 Public Reations


COM 3335 Intercultural Communication


COM 4301 Digital Journalism and New Media Communication


Computer Science


Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

CIS 1300 Technology of the Digital Age


CSC 1401 Intro to Computer Science 1

Carson Betts (Che) 

CSC 1402 Intro to Computer Science 2


CSC 2301 Intro to Comp Org Assembly Language

Carson Betts (Schielke)

CSC 2305 Discrete Structures


CSC 2403 Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis

Carson Betts (Gillam)

CSC 3302 Operating Systems


 Criminal Justice
Course Tutor (Tutor's Professor)
CRIJ 1301  Intro to Criminal Justice Sophia West (Reese)                                   


Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

EDU 2201  Intro to Education


EDU 3301 Math for Elem. Teaching 1 & 2


EDU 3311  Teaching Strategies & Assessments




Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

ENG 1316 Academic Research and Writing

Megan Benton (Meigs)

Emily Moses (Coleman)

ENG 1317 Intro to Literature


ENG 2301  Survey of Classicism


ENG 3305  Poetry


Environmental Science


Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

ESC 1302 Intro to Environmental Science




Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

FRE 1401 French 1


GER 1401 German 2


GRE 2311 Greek I


GRE 2312 Greek II


GRE  3313 Greek III


GRE 3314 Greek IV


HEB 3401 Biblical Hebrew I 


HEB 3402 Biblical Hebrew II


LAT 1301 Latin I


SPN 1401 Spanish I


SPN 1402 Spanish II


SPN 2301 Medical Spanish

Taylor Ireland (Emberson)

JoseLuis Rayas

SPN 2311 Spanish III



Course Tutor (Tutor's Professor)
LDR  2201 Leadership Theory Sophia West  (Burgess)                  


Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

HIS 1301 U.S. History to 1877

Emily Moses (McKinlay)

Mackenzie Vance

HIS 1302 U.S. History from 1877

Nicole Miller

Mackenzie Vance 

HIS 2311 World History to 1500

Mackenzie Vance 

HIS 2312 World History from 1500

Mackenzie Vance (Depold)

HIS 2301 Historical Methods

Mackenzie Vance  (Bloom)



Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

KIN 1301 Personal Wellness

Sophia West (Brodie) 

KIN 1302 First Aid and Safety

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Pate) 

KIN 2301 Personal Community and Health

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Brodie) 

KIN 2330 Prevention and Treatment of Injury

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Pate)

KIN 3311 Musculoskeletal Anatomy Biomechanic

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Johnston)

KIN 3313 Motor Development

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Brodie) 

KIN 3315 Org/Admin of PE & Sports

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Brodie)

KIN 3316 Evaluation in PE and Sport

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Holley) 

KIN 4330 Exercise Physiology

Rogelio “Evan” Pena  (Moyer)



Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

MTH 0313 Fundamentals of Math


Carson Betts

Rebeca "Iza" Castillo (Helm)

Harry Xinran Yang

MTH 0320 Intermediate Algebra

Carson Betts

Harry Xinran Yang

MTH 1332 Applied Calculus

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Obara)

MTH 1351 College Algebra


Carson Betts

Harry Xinran Yang 

MTH 1352 Precalculus

Carson Betts

Harry Xinran Yang

MTH 1370H Honors Math and Effective Thinking


MTH 2301 Intro to Statistics


MTH 2305 Discrete Structures


MTH 2401 Calculus I

Carson Betts

Harry Xinran Yang

MTH 2402 Calculus II

 Harry Xinran Yang (Staron)

MTH 3410 Calculus III


MTH 3317 Differential Equations


MTH 3101 Problem Solving


MTH 3311 Linear Algebra


MTH 3313 Number Theory


MTH 3316 Geometry



Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

Music Theory 1

Nicole Miller

Music Aural Skills

Nicole Miller 

Music Technology


MUS 3342 History of Music 1


MUS 3344 History of Music 2


Piano (Makeup Lessons only)

Political Science


Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

POLS/GOV 1303C  American Government and Citizenship

Rebeca "Iza" Castillo

POLS 3322 Intro to Law


POL 3334 Political Philosophy and Ideologies


POL 3335 Social Science Methods




Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

PSY 1311 Intro to Psychology

Rebeca "Iza" Castillo (Chittester)

Nicole Miller (Yndo)

PSY 1311H Honors Intro to Psychology


PSY 2301 Life-Span Development


PSY 2341 or SOC 2341 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences


PSY 2491 Research Methods


PSY 3302 Cognitive Psychology


PSY 3304 Group Dynamics


PSY 3330 Social Psychology


PSY 3332 Personality Theories


PSY 3341 Abnormal Psychology


SOC 1301 Intro to Sociology

Rebeca "Iza" Castillo (Klein) 

Sophia West (Klein)

SOC 3311 Crime & Criminology


SOC 3321 Sociological Theory


SOC 3331 Soc. of Children & Childhood




Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

REL 1301 New Testament History and Reading

Rebeca "Iza" Castillo (Mann)

Taylor Ireland (Peffer)

Nicole Miller

Emily Moses (Heck)

REL 1311 History and Literature of the Old Testament

Rebeca "Iza" Castillo (Puffe)

Ashley Hibbetts

Taylor Ireland  (Doria)

Nicole Miller 

Emily Moses (Heck)

REL 2352 History & Phil of the Reformation


REL 3333 Intro to Christian Ethics


REL 3341 Lutheran Doctrine




Tutor (Tutor's Professor)

SCI 1402 Intro to Astronomy

Carson Betts

BIO 1401 Principles of Biology


BIO 1402 General Zoology


BIO 1403 Cellular and Molecular Biology

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Hofmann)


BIO 2403 Botany


BIO 2411 Anatomy & Physiology 1 for Healthcare

Taylor Ireland

BIO 2412 Anatomy & Physiology 2 for Healthcare

Taylor Ireland (Hofmann)`

BIO 2413 Microbiology for Health Science


BIO 3310 Nutrition


BIO 3312 Musculoskeletal Anatomy Biomechanic

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Johnston)

BIO 3401 General Microbiology


BIO 3404 Genetics


BIO 3411 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Hofmann)

BIO 3412 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Moyer)

BIO 3420 Developmental Biology


BIO 3430 Biochemistry


CHE 1400 Intro to Chemistry


CHE 1401 Chemistry I

Rogelio “Evan” Pena (Maguire)

CHE 1402 Chemistry II


CHE 2401 Organic Chemistry I


CHE 2403 Organic Chemistry II


PHY 1402 Physics 2


PHY 1441 Conceptual Physics


Organizational Tutor
Tutor Major
Megan Benton Kinesiology (Public Relations-Minor)
Rebeca "Iza" Castillo Psychology
Ashley Hibbetts Business Administration (Human Resources Management)
Nicole Miller  Music (History-Minor)
Writing Assistance



Megan Benton

Kinesiology (Public Relations-Minor)

Ashley Hibbetts

Business Administration (Human Resources Management)

Emily Moses


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