Guest Speaker

Our leaders at Concordia are diverse and offer expertise on a wide variety of subjects. See the list below for just a small sample of the possible topics Concordia could come and present to your congregation.

Dr. Jacob Youmans, Assistant Professor, Director, DCE Program

Invite Dr. Youmans to speak about the Director of Christian Education program at Concordia, or hear a presentation on one of his several books.

In Talking Pictures, Dr. Youmans teaches us how to use movies as a means and metaphor for communicating the Gospel. He argues that films are stories and every story can be connected to the ultimate story of God's redemptive work through Jesus.

In Abba Daddy Do, Dr. Youmans explores the bizarre and profound concept of childlike faith through the lens of the ordinary everyday life adventures he experienced with his own kids. This book will help you connect your stories to Jesus' story. And maybe encourage you to explore life through the eyes of a child.

In Missional U and Missional Too, Dr. Youmans shares his leanings from an extensive amount of short term mission trips all over the world. He explores ways that you can be a missionary every day in your life and how to develop a passion for the world at large.


Our Mission is Developing Christian Leaders