Periodicals by Subject

The library subscribes to several periodicals, both in print and in microform. Paper and microform periodicals are available for in-library use, and some are available online (as noted in the listings*). Following are lists of the library's periodical holdings by subject (all files are in PDF).

Periodical Subject Guide A-C

Subjects included: American Cultures, Animal Welfare, Anthropology and Archeology, Art, Business and Accounting, Careers, Christian Education, Christianity, Communications, Concordia, and Corrections

Periodical Subject Guide E-H

Subjects included: Economics, Education, Electronics and Technology, Environment, Ethics, Family and Consumer Science, Feminism, Geography, Gender Interest, and Health and Medicine

Periodical Subject Guide L-P

Subjects included: Law, Library and Information Science, Literature, Lutheran Education, Lutheranism, Management, Mathematics, Music, News, Politics, and Psychology

Periodical Subject Guide R-Z

Subjects included: Religion, Science, Social Issues, Sociology, Special Education, Sports and Recreation, Texas, and World Cultures

*Databases mentioned in listings can be found on the Databases A-Z page.