Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Información de CDC en español (PDF)

Reviewed: 4/7/2020

CTX Updates & Announcements

Concordia University Texas continues to monitor recent developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The university is evaluating the best steps to ensure the health and safety of our community with as little disruption as possible to the lives of students and employees.

The latest updates and announcements will be posted here as decisions are made. As news changes rapidly, please note the dates posted for all updates. Communications going out to students, faculty/staff, and parents/families will be posted under "Latest Communications."

Stay Informed, Communicate Concerns or Request Assistance

As this situation is continuing to evolve very quickly, please check this website for updated information, and let us know if you have personal concerns (travel plans, concerns over exposure or specific learning needs) by submitting the COVID-19 Resources Request Form.


Services & Support

University Services & Support

The care of our students remains our primary concern. Unless the threat becomes more severe in our local area and we are directed otherwise by public health officials:

  • We will provide the highest level of support possible to ensure that our students get the support they need to be academically successful in a new learning environment.
  • Our campus will remain open for students to use amenities such as Wi-Fi and computer labs.
  • As a Lutheran Christian institution of higher education, one of our priorities is care for the whole person, including spiritual care. Pastoral care will still be available during this time, and we are exploring options for a virtual daily campus devotional.


Curriculum Changes

Curriculum Changes & Delivery

Like many colleges across the nation, Concordia is making changes to curriculum delivery. Our university leadership has made the following decisions:

  • All face-to-face classes on the main campus for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester will be held online via Blackboard.
  • Due to the unique nature of the Nursing curriculum, students and faculty in that program will get information directly from the Dean of the School of Nursing.
  • Experiential learning such as teacher education field work and/or internships will continue as scheduled, as allowed by the host site. Please contact your faculty member or program director for specific instructions.
Campus Events

Campus Events & Activities

Due to the large number of attendees, our April 25 Commencement Ceremony has been postponed to August 1. All other campus events, including athletic competitions, are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please check Campus Events Status for details about these events.



University Travel & Prevention

Concordia University Texas has temporarily suspended all University-sponsored and University-related travel for students, faculty and staff to areas designated as Level 2 or Level 3 by the CDC.

Personal travel to Level 2 or Level 3 locations will require at-home isolation of 14 days upon return, before returning to campus. The University strongly advises, during these fourteen days, that the student, faculty member or staff member:

  • Remains at home
  • Avoids using commercial transportation
  • Avoids places of general public congregation

Students, faculty and staff should consider the local situation before traveling for spring break or attending large events. Check the CDC Travel Health Notices to stay informed about the ongoing situation at your destination and to check updated travel advisories. If you are planning personal travel, CTX highly recommends that you abide by U.S. government guidance, and please be mindful of the potential associated risk of disruptions to your return. It is important that all travelers adhere to these procedures in order to protect the health and safety of our campus community. Faculty and staff should register their travel plans with the CTX Office of Emergency Management (CTX OEM) by emailing

CTX Response

University Response & Preventive Measures

The following measures are currently in place, with additional measures being added as necessary.

  • The CTX Office of Emergency Management (OEM) monitors the evolving situation and coordinates closely with local and state health and public safety agencies, as well as local government, schools and universities. OEM holds regular meetings with CTX administrators and stakeholders throughout the institution to assist in preparation, prevention, response, mitigation and recovery efforts.
  • OEM continues distributing hand sanitizing supplies, sanitizing common surfaces regularly, tracking University travel and restricting travel to high-risk areas. 
  • The University posts reminders about washing hands and signage about healthy habits to help prevent viruses from spreading.
  • CTX custodial crews sanitize facilities day and night, including high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, handles and computer keyboards in labs. 
  • CTX created hand sanitizing stations and placed them throughout campus. 
  • On the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we remind anyone who begins experiencing fever, cough, or difficulty breathing to contact their primary healthcare provider. 
  • The University is in contact and coordinating with Austin Public Health (APH) to respond appropriately if needed.

CDC Prevention Information & COVID-19 Resources

There is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus. Please review How to Protect Yourself to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.

The CDC has issued travel advisories to high-risk areas, asking travelers to avoid nonessential travel to Europe, China, South Korea, Iran and other countries. View the full list of CDC travel advisories.



Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs will be updated as the situation evolves. Please check back regularly for updates.

Classes & Academic Requirements

Who can help navigate issues around missed class, residence hall needs, etc?
Submit the COVID-19 Resource Request Form so we can appropriately respond to your needs.

Now that my classes have been moved fully online, what is the plan for final exams?
On Campus Final Exams are canceled and will be held online.

I am an education student in my clinical teaching semester, and/or a student intern. What should I do?
Concordia is working with all external agencies to provide the best recommendations for students to be able to complete their academic requirements for the semester. Continue to attend those classes unless directed otherwise. Contact your faculty member or program director for more information about your specific placement.

What do we do with our textbooks now?
You will still need your textbooks but the bookstore will be sending mailing labels to you and you can return them if you are not in Austin.

If the virus gets better, is there a possibility of the classes go back to the way they were?
Our academic calendar wraps up quickly (end of April) therefore it is unlikely.

What will happen to the ABSN students? I am a J2 and would like to know what is to happen for us since our program is already so rigorous?
ABSN will get the 2 week spring break. Stay tuned to email.

What about student teachers about to graduate?
Student teachers can continue going to their schools. If their school is closed, please contact Carol Trovall,, and she will assist them through the next steps.

Is the campus still offering the TEAS exam on March 24th? If not, how would this affect acceptance into the Nursing program?
TEAS exams have been canceled, please check Campus Events Status.

Do you know will there be solely online classes in Summer I and if so will there be more classes offered?
A decision regarding whether on ground Summer classes will be offered has not yet been made. We will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions as more information becomes available.

What about music lessons that require concert attendance and papers for the event. How are these grades being addressed?
As instruction will be delivered entirely online, individual teachers will assign students to watch online performances and write concert reports.  Please talk to your applied music professor for more information.

Access to Online Classes & Resources

What if I have to go home and do not have access to everything I need to complete my course work? I don’t have a computer or Wi-Fi capabilities, library resources, etc.?
Please let Concordia know of your situation, and we will try to point you to resources in your local community that may be able to help.

Now that my classes are being delivered online, will I have to log on to my classes at the same time and day as I would attend my on-ground classes, or can I log on any time and complete assignments?
Each faculty member will communicate to their class about what to expect regarding the timing of their course delivery. Faculty members will not change the scheduled times of their classes.

Can I access academic support services, such as tutoring, the writing center, etc., now that my classes are delivered remotely?
Please check: Virtual Operations: Status of CTX Offices & Services

We provide online tutoring through The library electronic resources and access to our librarians remain available.

Can faculty require us to turn in hard copies of assignments?
That doesn’t seem necessary as assignments can be turned in through Blackboard. But please contact Student Central.

Campus Hours, Operations & Services

Will support offices be open after Spring Break?
Yes. Please check: Virtual Operations: Status of CTX Offices & Services

Please contact with specific questions.

Can I come to campus?
All CTX offices and services will be open virtually rather than in person, until further notice, please check Virtual Operations: Status of CTX Offices & Services. We encourage students to contact Student Central at before coming to campus.

What services on campus are currently open?
Essential services include residence hall staffing, dining services (for residential students only), security, and certain maintenance, IT and mail functions. Please check: Virtual Operations: Status of CTX Offices & Services

I work on campus; can I continue to get my student worker hours?
Please speak to your direct supervisor for more information.

Tuition & Financial Information

I have specific questions regarding my tuition and financial aid options, where do we go?
Please contact a Student Financial Planner: or 512-313-4700.

Will we be refunded graduation fees?
No, we are not eliminating graduation, only postponing it.

Who can help me with specific questions about tuition and financial aid?
Contact Student Central,

Campus Events & Travel

Are athletic events still happening (either at home or away)?
All athletic activities and events for the spring semester are cancelled.

What about commencement or other gatherings?
View the list of events that have been canceled. Please check back frequently as additional events may be added.

If a travel course or some other event is cancelled, will refunds be available?
We will communicate directly with the students involved if cancelling travel or any activity becomes necessary.

I’m a current international student and have questions regarding my F-1 visa, Who should I contact?
Cindy Melendez, Concordia’s Designated School Official (DSO), is your main point of contact to navigate any questions regarding international travel and visa information. She can be contacted by email (preferred) or by phone at 512-313-4617.

Have mission trips and local trips such as those to Big Bend officially been canceled?
Yes to Big Bend, others are continuing to be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

What will happen with sports and the future games?
ASC has made the decision to cancel all spring games.

Our business and community class was going to be speaking to a panel of judges in April to provide the business and ethics awards from Recognize Good, will that still go on?
This event is cancelled. Please contact your faculty member for more information.

What is happening with all the fine arts events?
Please contact your faculty member for more information.

Is the Honors Convocation canceled?

For media inquiries, please contact Heidi Robbe at or (512) 313-4125.