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Nursing Program - Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Plans & FAQ

  • What if I am having difficulty meeting deadlines for clinical compliance?
    We understand that some students are experiencing delays. Please communicate with Crystal Loyd ( and copy Mary Henkel ( about any potential delays in meeting the August 3rd deadline. However, all clinical compliance information must be uploaded to CastleBranch before students can start any nursing classes.
  • What if I have not received my Blue Card from the Texas Board of Nursing?
    You will receive information via email from the Texas Board of Nursing about getting fingerprints with IdentoGo. Then you can contact IdentoGo to schedule an appointment. Fingerprinting must be completed before a Blue Card can be issued.
  • What type of CPR course do I need to have?
    Our clinical partners require the American Heart Association BLS for healthcare providers.
  • Is health insurance required for the nursing program?
    Health insurance is a requirement for the nursing program. Health insurance coverage must show evidence of coverage for workplace injuries and emergencies such as needle-stick injuries, and must be purchased for the entire semester not month to month.
  • When do I need to submit transcripts for courses that I completed in the summer?
    As soon as the final summer grades are posted or before the Fall semester begins.
  • What happens if I still need to take some of my Distinctive Courses after I start my nursing courses in the fall?
    They can be taken in the summer; must be completed before beginning senior year of the nursing program.
  • What type of modality will nursing courses be offered in for the fall?
    Lab courses will be offered on site. Practicum courses will be offered at clinical sites. Depending on track; Didactic and theory courses will be offered as virtual courses with synchronous and asynchronous sessions.
  • What types of clinical rotations will there be in the fall?
    We are still working with our clinical partners to finalize our fall clinical experiences. All area hospitals are currently accepting nursing students. The plan is that students will be in clinical facilities in the fall semester. Students will not be assigned to work with known COVID 19 positive clients, however students will be in clinical facilities.
  • When will clinicals begin?
    Preparation for clinical and clinical experiences start when classes start. You will receive more specific information as soon as clinical schedules are finalized with our clinical partners.
  • Will we have an orientation period for each clinical facility?
    Facility specific information and orientation components will be provided prior to starting at any clinical facility. This information will be communicated near the start of classes.
  • How are clinical assignments, times, and locations determined?
    We work with many facility partners to set up clinical experiences all over the central Texas area and beyond. We do our best to set up the best clinical experiences for all students. However, we cannot grant requests for specific clinical sites, days, or times for any students.
  • Will there be clinicals on the weekends?
    Yes, there will be many weekend clinical rotations in the fall semester and beyond. There are day, and evening times, with a possibility of night shift.
  • How many students are usually in one clinical group?
    This depends on the facility and varies.
  • When will I receive more course details?
    We are providing as much information as we have at this point due to the rapidly evolving COVID 19 situation. Since we have numerous clinical sites and are working on a social distancing plan for simulation and skills, schedules will vary between cohorts and individuals. You will receive specific information about your schedule as soon as all scheduling is complete. We apologize that this is later than usual however we are in unpreceded circumstances and are working hard to create an optimal plan for all students for the fall semester.
  • If a COVID spike occurs during the semester, is it possible that we would have to continue the semester strictly online?
    We cannot answer that at this time. We plan for multiple scenarios though this is a rapidly evolving situation.
  • Since we are doing in person clinicals and labs during a pandemic, will we be protected if we contract COVID-19 and must miss class?
    We will work with students on an individual basis to assist with coursework.
  • Will PPE be required on site?
    Yes, PPE will be required in accordance with local and state mandates. Clinical sites have PPE requirements that will be communicated prior to the start of the clinical experience.
  • Will the new clinical site be open for Fall 2020?
    The new nursing site will be open for the Fall 2020 semester. More information on the new site will be coming.
  • Will study rooms still be available?
    Social distancing will be encouraged in accordance with local and national recommendations.
  • Will nursing exams be online?
    Yes, exams will be online and use a lockdown browser with webcam monitoring.
  • When will we register for nursing classes?
    You will be registered for nursing courses by the School of Nursing. This is currently in progress.

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