Online Attendance Tools

The Attendance Tools allows attendance to be taken for a class in a quick manner online. Attendance is reported to the student through a report. A report of how many days can also be reported to the instructor. The Instructor can mark a student as: Present, Absent, Late, Excused, Unexcused.

How do I check my attendance? (student)

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Online Attendance
    You will see a list of table with Present, Absent, Late, Excused and Unexcused for attendance. You will also see dates with listing for the individual.

How do I set-up the attendance tool?

Setting up Dates (entire term)

  1. Open Online Attendance tool.
  2. Click on Dates Set-up
  3. Select Course Begin, Course End, Class Meet.
  4. Check the Hide non-students box.
  5. Click on Save Setting Changes.
  6. Click on Remove Individual Days to remove holidays. Check boxes and Remove Selected.

Taking Attendance

  1. Open Online Attendance tool.
  2. Select Date from pull-down menu at center-top of table.
  3. Select appropriate attendance for each individual: Present, Absent, Late, Excused and Unexcused

Make Online Attendance easier to access

  1. Click on Plus (+) above the purple menu. Select Tool link
  2. Name tool (ex. Attendance)
  3. Choose Type: Online Attendance
  4. Check the Available to Users box.
  5. Click on Submit
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