Grade Center Management

The Blackboard gradebook is officially called Grade Center.

Student access is through MyGrades. MyGrades is a default button in Blackboard courses. It can also be viewed by clicking on Tools, then selecting MyGrades.

The Grade Center is available for faculty. The Grade Center has built-in information like student names, email addresses, and student id number, as well as a weighted and total points column.

Features include: (Basic Features)

  • Create Column - for basic gradebook column creation
  • Total Points - if you use a total number of points system for grading.
  • Enter grades - entering grades is similar to using Excel
  • Weighted Average - use Categories to manage final grades (ex. tests are 50% of the final grade)
  • Work Offline - download (or upload) your grades.
  • Category - use categories for different assignment types (ex. tests, quizzes, assignments, participation)
  • Smart Views - view only certain assignments or students
  • Column Organization - order or show/hide any columns you choose
  • Rubrics - allow grading using a table format
  • Connectors to some publishers websites (McGraw Hill, etc.)