Grade Center Basics

What is the Grade Center?

The Grade Center is the grade book within Blackboard. It provides an Excel-like interface that allows the instructor to post grades so each individual student can see their own grades.

How do I access the Grade Center?

  1. In the left-column under Course Management Control Panel, select Grade Center
  2. Select Full Grade Center.

How do I create a column?

Note: If you use graded features within Blackboard like Assignments or Tests, a grade column is automatically created.

  1. Go to the Grade Center
  2. Click on Create Column
  3. Fill in form with required parts. These are marked with a star.
    1. Column Name - name of assignment
    2. Points Possible - how many points is the assignment worth
  4. Fill in optional information about assignment:
    1. Grade Center name - if you have a long Column Name this can be an abbreviation
    2. Primary Display -
      1. Score (pts earned on assignment);
      2. Letter (A, A-, B+...),
      3. Percentage (% of points earned/points possible),
      4. Complete/Incomplete
    3. Secondary Display - if you want to display two displays listed above.
    4. Category - if you are using Weighted Grades
    5. Rubric - provide information about how assignment is graded
  5. Due Date (optional)- adding a due date triggers an email to the student when due date approaches
  6. Options:
    1. Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations (typically Yes - if the Total column should include the points)
    2. Show this Column to Students (typically Yes -if students should be able to see their grade)
    3. Show Statistic (typically No - should students be able to compare their grade to class average?)
  7. Click on Submit

How do I enter grades?

Note: Auto-graded features like Tests, scores will show in the Grade Center.
Grades submitted in the Grade Center can override grades for assignments/tests.

  1. Click on the cell and type the value.
  2. Press the Enter key or Tab key. (You may need to hit the key twice. If you hit another key, you may need to OK to confirm grade.)

How do I download a copy of the grades?

It is also possible to upload a previously downloaded grade center, if you want to keep a record on your computer..

  1. At the top-right, click on Work Offline, then Download.
  2. Select what you want to download. (full grade center - just scores, one assignment - scores and comments)
  3. Select the file delimiter comma or tab (either is fine)
  4. Click Submit
  5. You will be able to open the file in Excel though it will pop up a message that you need to OK before opening.