Secure Email Service

The new Secure Email service allows data to be sent from email addresses to email addresses in an entirely encrypted format. This is an extra layer of security above and beyond the normal precautions Technology Services already takes to help keep email services secure. While departments will be using this service on a limited basis (when other methods of transferring information aren't adequate to meet the necessary time lines), you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with this service so you know how to use it.

What to expect when you receive a secure message

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When you receive a secure email message, you'll see a notification email in your email account that looks like this:


Secure Email Notification

To view the secure message, you need to find the attachment (as directed by the notification email) and click on "View". This will open a new window where you'll be prompted to log in. The first time you receive a secure message you'll have to complete a brief enrollment form.

How can I tell that this notification message is legitimate?

This is a good question. Unfortunately, spammers and phishers are very clever these days and will try to spoof just about anything. Still, you can be confident that your secure email notification is legitimate by checking the following:

  1. The message should look EXACTLY like the one above. We've customized the notification message you receive so that it has CTX branding and colors. If it doesn't look like the one above, ignore it.
  2. You should be expecting the message. Employees who will be using the service have been asked to let students know when they'll be sending a secure message. So, you should already know you'll be receiving one before it's sent.
  3. The message will come ONLY from email addresses. We've enabled this service to only work between and email addresses. Be sure to check the "from" email address to make sure it's a legitimate address, and that it's from someone you know at the university.
  4. The links in the message point to either or Here are the links included in the notification email. If what you receive doesn't match this, someone may be trying to steal your identity.
    • Helpdesk website:/resources/helpdesk/keep-it-secure/secure-email-service.html
    • Frequently asked questions:
    • Mobile email
    • Helpdesk email

How is this more secure than regular email?

Regular email messages are generally not that secure. For all emails exchanged between and, Technology Services attempts to make sure the email is encrypted as it travels across the Internet between the employee email services and Google's servers. However, once a regular email reaches Google it's no longer encrypted. The secure email message makes sure the original email is fully encrypted BEFORE it ever leaves the employee email servers. Additionally, once that email is encrypted, it stays encrypted no matter whether you leave it in your Google account or if you forward it elsewhere.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

The frequently asked questions link will probably answer most of them. If not, please contact the Helpdesk at 512-313-HELP (4357) or via email at

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