Mobile or Web App Development Instructor

Concordia University Texas is currently searching for Adjunct (part-time) Mobile or Web App Development instructor to teach at our main campus for Fall 2019 in Austin for the following course:

CSC 3310 - Mobile or Web App Development: This is a special topics course in either mobile app development (preferably Android) or web app development.  Course should give students practical hands on experience with the tools and methodologies of developing applications for the mobile or web space.  A semester long project is encouraged.  No prior experience by the students in mobile or web app development should be assumed.

Minimum Educational and Professional Requirements:

  • Masters degree or higher
  • Hands-on experience building mobile or web applications, and the ability to teach these concepts to others


Concordia University Texas is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer under the auspices of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). As a private, faith-based University, employees must be supportive of our mission of “Developing Christian Leaders” and our spiritual principles and values as a Lutheran institution of higher education.  To the extent allowed by law, we reserve the right to give preference in employment based upon religion.

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