Commissioned Security Officer


The Commissioned Security Officer assists in protecting life and property while enforcing university regulations on property owned or otherwise controlled by Concordia University Texas. The position involves shift work, and it is subject to working days, nights, holidays, and weekends.


Protection of life and property.

  • Provide regular building checks and patrols on campus. Patrol and monitor all campus buildings and facilities, locking/unlocking as needed. Patrol may include foot, vehicle and Polaris patrol.
  • Protection of life and property on premises owned or otherwise controlled by Concordia University, providing for the overall safety of persons and property, to include (but not limited to) use of access control and surveillance equipment.
  • Providing other safety and security services to university faculty, staff, students, and visitors, as needed.
  • Respond to all emergency calls for service on Concordia campus.
  • Work closely with Student Life and Residence Life personnel regarding security and personal safety needs for all members of the Concordia community residing in on-campus housing.
  • Maintain relationship with APD officers assigned to the Concordia campus, communicating information as needed between APD and CTX PD.
  • Ability to respond promptly and effectively when incidents occur.

Enforcement of all university policies/regulations on Concordia campus.

  • Maintain a working knowledge of all applicable local, State and federal laws to communicate incidents and ensure appropriate Law Enforcement response, as applicable.
  • Monitor all university parking lots for violations of parking regulations and issue related citations.
  • Investigate all suspicious activity reported or observed on university campus and properties.
  • Enforce university rules and regulations on the Concordia campus.

Conduct initial on-scene investigations and filing of proper reports.

  • Respond to all calls for service within university jurisdiction.
  • Assess situations, determining criminal offense, if any, conducting initial interview with victims, suspects and witnesses, as applicable. Generate appropriate reports.
  • Notify other emergency response personnel, as needed. Assist other law enforcement or emergency response personnel as required or requested.
  • Complete and file proper reports and forms as required by departmental policy and/or law.

Professional Development Requirements:

  • Working knowledge of common productivity and security-related software (e.g. Microsoft Office suite, RMS programs, access control and surveillance software and hardware, etc.).
  • Maintain valid/non-suspended or inactive Texas Driver’s License.
  • Complete annual training hours as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau (DPS/PSB).
  • Complete annual firearms training and qualification scores as mandated by CTX PD.


  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • Some college course work preferred, especially in the area of criminal justice.
  • Current Texas DPS/PSB Commissioned Security Officer license.
    • No felony convictions of any kind or any misdemeanor convictions of crimes involving moral turpitude.
    • Have no convictions for DUI/DWI.
  • 2 years of active experience as a Commissioned Security Officer preferred.
  • General working knowledge of security procedures and regulations.
  • Must be available for any major events on campus.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and specifically the ability to positively and professionally interact with people in enforcement situations, which often create stressful or negative encounters with people.
  • Ability to work well without direct supervision.
  • Ability to interact well with all students, faculty, staff and visitors of CTX, maintaining a positive, service oriented attitude in all types of circumstances and contacts.
  • High level of personal integrity and confidentiality due to working with and access to sensitive information pertaining to criminal and university investigations.


  • Must be able to perform basic physical skills such as walking and the ability to stand for extended time periods and in all types of weather conditions, day or night.
  • Must be able to lift and carry loads such as traffic cones, barricades, office supplies and perform other minor physical labor related to providing services such as vehicle jump starts, vehicle unlocks and occasional changing of automobile tires for individuals.
  • Must be able to use physical force as necessary to execute arrests, restrain individuals as needed in performance of duties and perform other essential job duties.


Concordia University Texas offers an all-inclusive benefits package to eligible employees. For additional information click here: Benefits

Commitment to the Concordia Mission

Concordia University Texas is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). As a private, faith-based University, employees must be supportive of our mission of Developing Christian Leaders and our spiritual principles and values as a Lutheran institution of higher education. To the extent allowed by law, we reserve the right to give preference in employment based upon religion.

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