Academic Forms

Many of the forms listed below are available via DocuSign. Please connect with your academic planner to request a DocuSign version of forms below. This option is helpful because it saves you from having to print, scan, and save documents. It also helps you more easily track the status of your request.

Forms listed alphabetically:

  • Academic Dismissal Appeal Form (PDF)
    Complete this form if you wish to appeal an Academic Ineligibility status
  • Grade Change Request - Student or Instructor may use this form to request a grade review or grade change
  • Graduation Check List - Tool for students who are getting ready to graduate
  • Incomplete Form (PDF)
    Form used when course requirements cannot be met in the required term due to circumstances clearly beyond the student's control. Note requirements associated with using this form. Deadline for submission of this form is one week before the end of the session. For 8-week sessions, the deadline is the Friday of Week 7. For 16-week sessions, the deadline is the Friday of Week 15.
  • Independent Study (PDF)
    Complete this form if you want to initiate an individual tutorial emphasizing directed reading and discussion of subject area not offered in Concordia's standard curriculum offerings. Note requirements for entering into this arrangement.
  • Name Change Request Form (PDF)
    Complete this form to initiate official change of name in the University data system.
  • Permission to Release Confidential Information (FERPA) - Form (PDF)
    Complete this form if you want to grant access to your academic records to other individuals.
  • Program Change Request Form (PDF)
    Complete this form if you wish to change from your existing major to another, declare a minor or change your minor, change the year of your degree plan, or change advisers.
  • Schedule Change Form (PDF)
    Complete this form online when you want to make changes to an existing course schedule and when the ability to make changes on-line is not available. While the form can be completed online, it must be printed in order for student to sign. Once signatures have been secured, the form should be returned to to your Student Support Coordinator.
  • Transfer Course Approval Form (PDF)
    Complete this form if you want to take courses at another educational institution to be used for credit at Concordia University Texas. In order to assure transferability of course credit, approval must be received prior to taking the course. Note agreement on form.
  • Verification of Enrollment Request Form (PDF)
    Complete this form if you want verification of your enrollment at Concordia University Texas sent to a third party. Verification of enrollment requests will be processed after Census Day (eleventh class day of term).