Commencement Day for Guests

Arrival and Parking

Guests and visitors may park in the parking lots adjacent to the auditorium where the commencement service will be held. See Map of Riverbend Centre (PDF). Concordia personnel will be stationed throughout the lot to guide you as you park and to assist with directions. Parking is limited, so please carpool whenever possible. If the lot adjacent to the auditorium fills up, you may be asked to park in a lot further away. Please follow personnel instructions. A golf cart will also be available for transportation from the parking lot for students and guests with mobility issues.

Admission and Seating

Out of respect to our graduates, guests are asked to find their seats before the service begins.

Important Facts for Guests:

  • The doors to the auditorium will open one hour prior to the service start time.
  • No tickets are required to attend the service.
  • Admission to the facility will not be permitted 30 minutes after the start of the commencement service. Persons leaving the building after this time will not be readmitted.
  • Please do not enter the area in which graduates are robing in order to not disrupt the final preparations for the service.
  • Upon entering, guests may sit in any seats that are not marked as reserved.
  • Guest seating is not reserved and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Because space is limited, we ask that guests fill rows from the center outward.
  • Ushers will help you locate seating if you need assistance; please follow their directions when selecting seats as the ushers are aware of any limitations or restrictions.
  • Please follow all usher instructions.
  • Please do not stand in the aisles or block other guests' view during the service.
  • Please do not approach the stage area during the service.
  • Please do not hinder the progress of graduates in any way during the service.

Photography During the Service

You are understandably proud of the accomplishments celebrated here. While you are more than welcome to take photographs from your seat during the service, guests should not stand in the aisles or block other guests view. This is out of respect to our graduates. We are also in a place of worship. Only official photographers will be permitted around the stage area or in the official photographer area.

Two pictures of each graduate will be taken by a professional photographer from Flash Photography. One photo is of the student as they shake hands with Dr. Donald Christian, CEO on stage, and the other is an individual picture taken in front of a backdrop after the student leaves the stage. Flash Photography will then contact the student to purchase photos if they wish.

Please do not hinder the progress of graduates in any way during the service. Any group photographs should be taken prior to or after the service.

After the Service

As a show of respect for our graduates, once the service is over all guests are asked to wait for graduates, regents, and faculty to fully exit the auditorium before leaving their seats.


For additional information regarding Graduation or the Commencement Service please contact Student Central at 512-313-4700.


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