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Preparing for Medical Needs

As you prepare to send your daughter/son to college, we encourage you to prepare them to deal with any personal medical needs that could arise. Concordia University Texas does not have a healthcare center. We are, however, in an area with a number of medical offices.

Each year students come down with colds, viruses, toothaches and other medical problems that require the services of a medical professional. It can be very difficult to try to locate a physician on her/his insurance plan when a student is not feeling well. Therefore, we recommend that before your student comes to Concordia you

  1. Give her/him the medical insurance information that s/he will need if s/he sees a doctor,
  2. Contact your insurance company to identify medical professionals in the Austin area that your student could use, and
  3. Give a copy of the medical professionals names and phone numbers to your student and save a copy.

If you get a call from your child that s/he is sick, you will be very happy you made this small investment in preparation!

Another medical issue that comes up each year has to do with running out of prescription medication. If your student needs to take prescription medication on a regular basis, please make sure they come with enough medication to last for the entire semester and/or make sure they have a prescription s/he can take to a local pharmacy to get refills.

We trust this information will be helpful to you and look forward to working with your student.

Student Services Staff