Enrollment Marketing

Enrollment Marketing Services

Enrollment Marketing supports the mission of Concordia University Texas, shares the University's story, and ensures consistent messaging and branding throughout all communications.

  • Branding / Graphic Design
  • Photography / Videography
  • Print Publications
  • Social Media
  • Web Content

For more information, contact:

Heidi Robbe, Director of Enrollment Marketing, 512-313-4125

Enrollment Marketing Team

Enrollment Marketing:
Heidi Robbe, Director

Branding, Design, Print Publications:
Holly Satsky, Creative Manager

Content Development:
Adriana Thompson, Content Specialist

Photos / Videos:
Matthew Brooks, Staff Photographer

Social Media:
Alex Walker, Social Media Manager

Web Content:
Cindy Lawrence, Web Editor

Website, Tornado Times:
Bryan Gilbert, Webmaster

Marketing & Media Requests

Please submit the Marketing Request Form for general marketing or media requests.

Marketing Request Form

Web Requests

Requests for updates to web content, creation or removal of pages, or any other content-related changes should be submitted via our Website Edit Request Form, including Date Requested and Deadline Requested. Please allow at least 3 business days to complete your request. For requests with urgent or critical deadlines (1-3 days), please submit a follow-up email to webmaster@concordia.edu.

Website Edit Request Form

About Web Governance

Web governance refers to the people (roles and responsibilities), policies, procedures and guidelines that govern the creation and maintenance of our website and digital properties. These include pages managed in the OU Campus content management system (CMS), college calendar, secondary websites created and managed within concordia.edu, and other properties supporting e-communications, social media sites, and college video hosted on internal and external sites.

Web governance is critical to the long-term success of our website. It provides for collaborative, centralized maintenance of our online presence, to achieve a unified look, with consistent and accurate content, representing the college brand.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Enrollment Marketing
    • Responsible for maintaining and generating content for high-level landing pages, home page sliders, and news posts, and providing client and content writing and editing support to content owners and contributors.
    • Responsible for overall information architecture and content strategy.
    • Develops content and style guidelines that align with the University's voice and branding.
    • Maintains contact with current content contributors.
    • Provides guidance on best practices for content, style, usability and accessibility.
  • Webmaster – Provides day-to-day oversight of web and digital properties, functionality and development.
  • Web Editor – Provides guidance and approval of web content submitted for review before being published on the website. Responsible for adding and editing CMS content, with a focus on quality, style, consistency, accuracy, and timeliness.
  • Web Content Owner*
    • Makes departmental decisions regarding content direction for their web pages that align with the University's web strategy guidelines.
    • Ensures all department website content is up-to-date, accurate, and meets the University's quality standards.
    • Designates faculty or staff authorized to serve as Web Content Contributors.
    • Plans for the ongoing review and update of each of their department web pages at least every six months by their designated content contributor(s), including an audit of content no longer relevant or current.
      *Each academic or administrative department director or chair is a de-facto Web Content Owner.
  • Web Content Contributor
    • Responsible for submitting draft and final web content to the Web Editor (or Webmaster) for inclusion on the website. This role does not have access to the CMS.
    • Reviews and updates managed content on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and relevance.
    • Requests the removal or updating of inaccurate content.
    • Works closely with the Web Editor to prepare accurate and relevant content that serves a target audience.