What is Vocation?

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Lutheran Worldview

Dr. Carl Trovall, dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Concordia University Texas, writes about a Lutheran worldview and the concept of vocation:

"One of the goals of education in a Lutheran institution of higher education is to prepare leaders who, made wise and empowered by the grace and love of Christ, will impact the whole world through service. Luther broadened the concept of calling to refer to the way that God uses all human beings to accomplish Gods work on earth. This concept came to be called the doctrine of vocation. Vocation includes all constructive service done on behalf of neighbor that humans engage in as a response to Gods call, yet it goes beyond the narrow American conceptions of occupation, or job, or career. Christian vocation includes employment, if one is employed; it also refers to all of the stations and offices and roles and places of civic and private responsibility that people have."

Various Stations

Whether you are Christian or profess a different faith, the concept of vocation means that one is called to different spheres of influence, oftentimes simultaneously in life. A vocation may be a certain profession or project. It may mean being a mom or dad, a daughter or son, an accountant, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a historian, or a software developer. It may be that you are called to hold an office within a student organization on campus. You are even called to be a Concordia University Texas student.

Vocational Discernment

Vocational discernment begins with self-awareness and continues throughout ones life. The Center for Vocation and Professional Development is a resource for students to explore vocation and can provide assessment tools, coaching, mentoring, and experiences for students to discern their vocations by connecting their interests, passions, skills and talents to the needs of the world.

Majors and Careers

Current Incoming Students

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