Meaningful Work Mentor Program

Concordia's Meaningful Work Mentor Program connects students with career professionals, including alumni, employers, and other friends of Concordia, for career exploration, professional networking, and personal growth.

By matching students with professionals who have life and work experience in a similar field, job function or industry, students are given a great opportunity to explore careers and gain valuable insight.

They also have the opportunity to witness how career integrates with other aspects of life. Our goal at the end of a mentoring partnership is that the Concordia student and the mentor are both enriched by a transformational learning experience.

Check out this video of bouncing ideas off a fellow professional:

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The Partnership

  • A match based on career interests, field of study, and/or professional skill development.
  • A M.A.P. (Mentoring Action Plan) with a SMART goal and the learning activities that will help the student accomplish the goal.

Types and Time Commitment

Student and mentor will choose a time commitment depending on the goals of the partnership. Some suggestions are one semester, the summer, or over one entire academic year.

Type Examples Features
Task-based Resume, informational interview, job shadow

Mentor and protégé complete a series of tasks together such as an information interview, job shadow, mock/coaching interview, or a resume.  The mentor acts as a coach through completion of the tasks, or facilitates connection with another professional in the area of interest. 

Professional skills-based Time management, presentation skills Mentor and protégé identify learning activities that will develop a specific professional skill, such as presenting or time management.  Mentors act as a coach throughout the activities and provide feedback, support, and direction toward building the professional skill.
Project-based Academic project The student identifies an academic project in an upper level division course in their major and engages the mentor as a consultant on the project.  The mentor acts as a coach throughout the project.

Get Started

Mentoring partnerships are possible throughout the year. There are no special academic requirements for students to apply. Both mentors and students must complete a profile on the university's Handshake site.  

To get started, contact:

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