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Chris ColstonChris Colston, Graduate Assistant Career Advisor

I am a 2019 CTX Alum with a BA in Multidisciplinary, Psychology and Religious Education currently working toward a Master’s in Education, Sports Administration. While attending CTX I played Basketball and ran XC/track.  I am enthusiastic about assisting students in their college journey to identify a degree path and discover how it translates to a future career. Throughout my life there have been many times when I needed guidance from someone more experienced. It was the loving, caring relationships that I experienced that encouraged me to support others in making life choices. Early on in my undergraduate studies, I found a natural talent for identifying the needs of others and a passion for counseling and mentoring. My enthusiasm for helping others will continue to grow as I learn about the ways in which I can make a difference in the lives of CTX students! The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple - Psalms 119:130.

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Hannah WatsonHannah Watson, Graduate Assistant Career Advisor

I am a recent CTX alum with a BBA and a minor in Communication currently working toward an MBA in Organizational Development and Learning. During my college career, I was involved in student enrollment, social media marketing, and event planning for Admissions and Incubator CTX. I have always been passionate about making the college experience exciting and rewarding for students and their families! When I am not at school, I garden and hang out with my one-eyed Main Coon cat Finley and his Siamese sister, Moscato. I am excited about being a career advisor because I can help students and alumni on their journey towards finding a career, which includes working with resumes, navigating job-search sites, and preparing for interviews. In addition to the satisfaction of working in job search process, I enjoy engaging with others, coaching, and building relationship where I see others succeed in life. I enjoy leading in this way where my efforts are a benefit to others.

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Randa ScottRanda Scott Director, Vocation & Professional Development

I am a leadership and career educator, career coach, and empathy researcher with a background in human relations, professional development and training, and 13 years in higher education across the areas of enrollment, career advising, student development, and teaching. I have a BA, Interdisciplinary Social Science with an emphasis in diversity and race relations, an MBA in Organizational Leadership, and I am a doctoral candidate for a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies. My research involves empathy as a declining factor and potential learning catalyst for college student development in preparation for work. I love one on one coaching, program development, curriculum writing, and the classroom setting where dialogue happens and people wrestle with difficult questions. I believe that everyone has a voice and is worthy of love and belonging.  As a steward of human flourishing and as a student of Leadership in the 21st century my vocation is encouraging others to reach their potential. My Gallup strengths are Futuristic, Includer, Connectedness, Positivity, and Learner.  I consider myself a facilitator of opportunities, a creative and resourceful planner, and an idea enthusiast. If I could give one piece of advice to college students of any age, I would say be an active participant in exploring and making choices about your professional life or someone else will make decisions for you. Nothing great in life was ever achieved without enthusiasm – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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