HyFlex Classroom Assistant

CTX is seeking students to serve as classroom assistants this fall to help instructors with the coordination of technology and communication in a HyFlex-model classroom environment. The classroom assistant is a student that may or may not be enrolled in the course, and acts as the instructor’s assistant during a hyflex-model class delivery.

The classroom assistant manages the technical equipment (i.e. shifting camera angles, moving from camera to PowerPoint, etc.), monitors the chat box, and acts as a liaison between the instructor and the in-person and virtual students. This position monitors, responds, and coordinates communication between the students and the instructor to promote a seamless communication flow during the class session.

Technical expertise is not required. The classroom assistant and the instructor will coordinate to determine the individual instructor’s specific needs for each class. The successful classroom assistant will have the ability to multi-task and manage the equipment and communication flow between instructor and students while possibly participating as a learner (although no class enrollment is required).

Students in this role will be compensated with a tuition waiver of $160 per credit hour of the course the student is assigned.  The tuition adjustment will be applied to the following Spring semester.  If a student is expected to graduate this Fall, alternative arrangements will be made on a case by case basis.

To apply complete an interest HERE. For questions about this role contact kc.pospisil@concordia.edu.