What kind of events does CTX ALIVE sponsor?

CTX ALIVE is all about you and your well-being. We are here to be through the ups and the downs with you. However, we try to help you have more ups than downs, so we sponsor many activities that help you, the students, become more aware on how to be happy and safe without the compromise.

U in the Driver's Seat

One of the biggest causes for college students' deaths comes from driving while impaired. U in the Driver's Seat advocates safety when driving. Students should have designated drivers when going out. Even though it might not seem like fun, it can save many lives. It should also be noted that impaired is not just limited to drinking, but also to any other mental states that prevent a driver from practicing safe driving techniques.


Xzavier  Joel Gonzalez

Xzavier Beacham (left) holding a conference for U in the Driver Seat. Joel Gonzalez (right) being interviewed about U in the Driver Seat and the dangers of impaired

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