New Regents Hall Coming in 2022

What's Coming to CTX? A New Residence Hall!

We are constructing a brand new residence hall — Regents Hall — between our existing residence halls and Building F. Concordia University Texas broke ground on February 5, 2021, and Regents Hall is on track for completion by Summer 2022.

Livestream - Construction

Residence Hall

Parking Lot

We're Excited About...

  • On-campus living for more CTX students
    Regents Hall will nearly double the campus's residential capacity. Beginning in Fall 2021, both freshmen and sophomores will be required to live on campus. Plus, a collection of rooms will be open to upperclassmen.

  • Features designed for students
    Every floor of Regents Hall will feature study lounges and collaborative learning spaces equipped with technology. As an extension of academic support, it will provide space for studying, collaborating on projects and working with peers.

    Large, open common areas will also provide students with a place to connect with others and build meaningful relationships. And residents will enjoy the fully equipped laundry room, where they can do laundry for free.

  • Outdoor amphitheater
    Another awesome feature? Regents Hall will include an outdoor amphitheater, where CTX will host events and gatherings for the community. Students can also use the space to study, relax and hang out with friends.