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Student Government & Leadership Association

Welcome to the Student Government & Leadership Association!

Student Government & Leadership Association is the principal student organization on campus that exists to provide a means of effective communication and cooperation between students and the administration, leading to a beneficial exchange of ideas and programs for improving religious, social and academic life.  We look forward to meeting with each of you!

Interested in getting involved in SGLA?  Applications for Senators (elected) and Representatives (appointed) are now open!  Application links:


Fall 2020 Election Schedule

August 19th: Deadline for Submission of All Forms (Representative & Senator/Exec positions)

August 15th: Eligibility to hold office is verified by Dean of Students, Martha Compton

August 15th-18th: Gap Time for Individuals to Plan their Campaigns

August 20th: Allowed campaigning period begins.

August 26th: Election Day

August 27th: The newly elected Executive Board will vote and appoint Representative positions. Representatives will be notified on this day whether they have been selected to hold office.

August 28th: Deadline for approved members to register for the required SGLA class (Mondays, 2:00 pm)