Early Alert Form

The Early Alert report is for the use of faculty, staff, students, friends and parents of CTX students to report any concerning or red flag comments, behaviors or incidents that would affect the CTX community. Although Early Alerts can be reported anonymously, it is helpful to those who will follow up on the report if there is someone that can be contacted for additional questions.

Submitted reports are sent to members of the Behavior Intervention and Support Team:

BIST Team Members
Elizabeth Medina Dean of Students 512-313-4304 elizabeth.medina@concordia.edu
Ruth Cooper Director, Student Success Center 512-313-5031 ruth.cooper@concordia.edu
H.E. Jenkins Chief of Campus Police 512-313-4040 he.jenkins@concordia.edu
Aaron Graf Director, Student Central 512-313-4702 Aaron.graf@concordia.edu
Ronda Seagraves Director of Athletics 512-313-4501 ronda.seagraves@concordia.edu
Annie Ferrera Counselor 512-313-5032 ann-marie.ferrera@concordia.edu
Jakob Adam Director, Residential Life 512-313-4305 jakob.adam@concordia.edu
Rhea Ann Spiegel Administrative Assistant 512-313-4302 rheaann.spiegel@concordia.edu


If this is an emergency or there is an immediate need for intervention/assistance call 911or CTX Police at 512-313-3311. CTX Police will contact necessary support staff if it is after business hours.

Examples of behaviors or actions that may be reported would be:

Classroom disruption

Severe depressed mood or anxiety, panic attack

Violations of residence hall rules or university policy

On line postings that are threatening to self or others

Suspected drunkenness or drug use

Excessive class absenteeism

Threatening words or behaviors to others

Suicidal threats, gestures, ideation or attempt

Writings that convey clear intentions to harm self or others

Suspected sexual harassment or assault

Observed self-injurious behavior, such as cutting, burning, disordered eating

Acts motivated by hatred, discrimination, or paranoia


Suspected dating/domestic violence

This list is not exhaustive. Reporters should use their own judgment as to what is reportable, erring on the side of over-reporting if in doubt.

A RED star (*) denotes the only required fields on the Early Alert form.

Because the Early Alert report may be used for multiple purposes, these fields are required.

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