Majors & Programs

Concordia University Texas offers a variety of majors and programs to choose from.
Majors Offered

Undergraduate Pre-Professional Graduate Minors

Delivery Methods

: Traditional = Full-Time, Day-Time, Main Campus

: Online = Fully Online

: Adult Degree Program = Part-/Full-Time, Evening

***Many of our majors can be paired with concentrations, minors, and pre-professional tracks. Please speak with an admissions counselor to learn more about how you can customize your educational goals.***

Program Schools Delivery Method
Undergraduate Areas of Study
Behavioral Sciences Humanities Social Sciences
Biology Natural Applied Sciences
Business (B.A.A.S) Business Communication
Business Administration Business Communication
Chemistry Natural Applied Sciences
Communication Business Communication
Computer Science Natural Applied Sciences
Criminal Justice Criminology Humanities Social Sciences
Elementary Curriculum Education
Elementary Education Education
English Humanities Social Sciences
Environmental Science and Conservation Natural Applied Sciences
History Humanities Social Sciences
Kinesiology Natural Applied Sciences
Mathematics Natural Applied Sciences
Middle School Education Education
Multidisciplinary Humanities Social Sciences
Music Fine Arts
Nursing Nursing
Political Science Humanities Social Sciences
Psychology Humanities Social Sciences
Religious Education/DCE Education
Secondary Education Education
Special Education Education
Pre-Professional Areas of Study
Pre-Law Humanities Social Sciences
Pre-Medical Natural Applied Sciences
Pre-Nursing Nursing
Pre-Physical Therapy Natural Applied Sciences
Pre-Seminary Humanities Social Sciences
Graduate Areas of Study
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Business Communication
Master of Education(MED) Education
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Nursing
Doctor of Education Education
Undergraduate Minors
Theater Fine Arts
Art Fine Arts

***For a comprehensive and official list of programs, reference the catalog or the Office of Admissions***

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