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Majors & Programs

Concordia University Texas offers a variety of majors and programs to choose from.
Majors Offered

Undergraduate  •  Graduate  •  Academic Programs


Delivery Methods

  : Traditional = Full-Time, Day-Time, Main Campus

  : Online = Fully Online

  : Adult Degree Program = Part-/Full-Time, Evening

Program Schools Type Delivery Method
Undergraduate Areas of Study
Art Fine Arts Concentration   
Accounting Business & Communication Concentration    
Behavioral Sciences Humanities Major, Minor  
Biology Natural & Applied Sciences Major, Minor  
Broadcast and Production Humanities Concentration, Minor   
Business (B.A.A.S) Business & Communication Major   
Business Administration Business & Communication Major    
Chemistry Natural & Applied Sciences Minor  
Communication Business & Communication Major   
Computer Science Natural & Applied Sciences Major, Minor   
Criminal Justice & Criminology Humanities Major   
Director of Christian Education (DCE) Education Major  
Economics Business & Communication Minor    
Education: Elementary School Curriculum Education Major   
Education: Middle School Curriculum Education Major   
Education: Religious Education Education Major  
Education: Secondary School Curriculum Education Major  
Education: Special Education Curriculum Education Major  
English Humanities Major, Minor  
Environmental Science and Conservation Natural & Applied Sciences Major  
Finance Business & Communication Concentration    
Healthcare Administration Business & Communication Concentration    
History Humanities Major  
Human Resource Management Business & Communication Concentration    
Interpersonal Communications Humanities Concentration, Minor   
Kinesiology Natural & Applied Sciences Major, Minor   
Legal Studies Humanities Minor  
Management Business & Communication Concentration    
Marketing Business & Communication Concentration    
Mathematics Natural & Applied Sciences Major, Minor  
Multidisciplinary Business & Communication Major   
Music Fine Arts Major  
Music: Worship and Arts Fine Arts Minor  
Nursing Nursing Major   
Physical Therapy Natural & Applied Sciences Concentration  
Political Science Humanities Major, Minor  
Pre-Law Humanities Concentration  
Pre-Seminary Humanities Concentration  
Psychology Humanities Major, Minor   
Public Relations Humanities Concentration, Minor   
Sociology Humanities Concentration  
Theatre Fine Arts Minor  
Undeclared Major      
Writing Minor Humanities Minor  
Graduate Areas of Study
MBA Business & Communication     
Master's of Education Education    
MEd: Sports Administration Education     
Doctor of Education Education     
Principal Certification Education    
Superintendent Certification Education    
Reading Specialist Certification Education    
RN to MSN Nursing    
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