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Peer Tutoring

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Summer Peer Tutors

Matthew Boineau

Sarah Parker

Samantha Cannon Roberts

John Paul (JP) Udenenwu

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Worried about keeping your scholarship?

Didn't get the grade you wanted on the first test?

Missing deadlines?




Where: Building F, Rooms 212 & 214

Contact: Ruth Cooper at 512.313.5031 or



Peer Tutors are fellow Concordia students who have successfully completed the courses they are tutoring. They are hired to provide tutoring to students currently in these classes.


Tutoring is done by appointment only.

If you would like to work with a peer tutor, you may contact them through their CTX email account ( or call or email Ruth Cooper.

There is NO CHARGE for the tutor.   


Our tutors are Level 1 Certified.




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