Free Online Tutoring Available for CTX students!

Through a partnership with Tutor.com, the Success Center will offer 24/7 online tutoring that connects students one-to-one with a subject expert tutor the minute they need assistance. The tutoring service can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

Students are allotted 8 hours every semester.

Online tutoring is available in the following subject areas:

  • Math:  Fundamentals of Math, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Introduction to Statistics, Business Statistics, Discrete Math
  • Science:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology
  • Writing:  Literature Assistance, Reading Comprehension
  • History:  U.S. History, Western Civilization and American Government and Citizenship 
  • Business:  Accounting, Finance, Economics, Principles of Management
  • En Espanol:  Math, Science and Social Studies
  • Foreign Language: French and Spanish
  • Computer Science: Microsoft
  • Research Methods
  • Nursing

Additionally, the program also offers resources such as study tools, lessons, test prep materials, and instructional videos.

How to Access
  • Blackboard users-sign into account and click on the Tutor.com link in the left column on your course pages.
  • Moodle users-sign into account and Tutor.com will be located underneath the Deans Message.
  • Select your topic, subject, and type in your question
  • Get a tutor
  • After you work with a tutor, you can:
    • Print your session or share it via email or Facebook
    • Review your session again at any time
    • Save your tutor as a Favorite
Preparing for a Session
  • Have a question or concept you would like to review with a tutor ready. Enter your question and any important notes in the pre-session survey. This will save you time while you are in a session with a tutor.
  • It is important that you remove any identifying information (like your name) from your documents before uploading them into the classroom. Upload your papers in advance on the pre-session page to maximize your tutoring time.
Want to Learn More?

See how Tutor.com works in this How It Works Video

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