Besch Biological Sciences Distinguished Speaker Series

This is a monthly series that focuses on current biological science topics for the purpose of engaging students and faculty with distinguished scientists, doctors, and other biomedical professionals from the community.


10/18/17 Rich Kostecke

Speaks about The Nature Conservancy’s effort in Preserving our Environment


9/20/17 Dr. Molly Pont: Neonatologist from Nashville Tennessee

Speaks on career path of a Neonatologist and Pediatric Care





10/12/16 Dr. Bryan Davies, The University of Texas at Austin

speaks about his research and work in Pathogenic Bacteria

4/6/16 Jason Shurley, Ph.D; Kim Moncel, LAT (Concordia University)

and Antse Atanga, LAT (Lake Travis High School)

"Athletic Training: Bridging the Gap Between Sports and Medicine"

2/3/16 Jimmy Gollihar, University of Texas

"Lessons from Laboratory Evolution"




12/2/15 College of Science Faculty: "A future in Science: What can I do with a Science Degree?"

11/4/15 Wendy Gordon, PhD: "Facets of Climate Change in Texas"

10/7/15 Bethany Waldron, RN, BSN: "Nursing in a Changing Healthcare Landscape"

9/9/15 Dr. Jennifer J. Hofmann: "Of Mice and Men: Using Developmental Biology to Understand Disease"

11/13/14 Dr. Donna Janes and Maddie Porter, Concordia University

9/18/14 Nigel S. Atkinson, Ph.D., Department of Neuroscience, University of Texas at Austin: "Identifying alcoholism-related genes usingDrosophila behavioral genetics"

3/18/14 Lisa M. Goering, Ph.D., St. Edward's University, Austin: "Variety is the Spice of Life! Investigating the Genetic Basis of Pheotypic Change"

2/18/14 J. Hayley Gillespie, Ph.D.: "Embracing a Career at Crossroad of Art + Science"

1/21/14 Brian Colwell, Ph.D.: "Tobacco and Adolescents: A Public Health Concern"

11/19/13 Kristy Neff, Nurse Practitioner, Children's Cardiology Associates: "Common Issues in Pediatric Cardiology"

9/17/13 Kendra Abbott, M.A. in Ecology: "The Endangered American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) in Texas"

2/19/13 Christopher Sullivan, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin: "Molecular Genetics Microbiology"

11/20/12 Robert McLean, Ph.D., Texas State University: "Bacterial Biofilms and Their Importance on Earth and in Space"

10/16/12 Jelena H. Pantel, Ph.D., Katholieke Universiteit - Leuven, Belgium: "The Biological Consequences of Environmental Variability in Freshwater Ponds"

9/12 Schonna Manning, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

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