School of Natural & Applied Sciences

Our Mission

Our goal in the School of Natural and Applied Sciences is to open up to you the complexity of God's created world through the study of Mathematics and the Sciences.

We strive to prepare you to be outstanding in your chosen field. Our graduates bring an excellent educational foundation to their chosen careers, but beyond that they stand out because the faith integrated into all aspects of their lives gives them confidence, compassion, and staying power.

Join us as we explore the amazing world in which God has placed us!

Meet Rev. Dr. Phil Schielke

Rev. Dr. Philip Schielke

Rev. Dr. Schielke is the Coordinator of the School of Natural and Applied Sciences and the Director of the Computer Science program. He completed his Doctorate in Computer Science at Rice University, is an ordained LC-MS pastor, and served as a missionary in Central Asia.

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90 years of history
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