Technology Tools

Below is a list of the tools that are available through Concordia. Some tools are limited by location or availability.

For the most updated list of installed equipment, view the Classroom Technology Tools page.


Description Locations
Projectors - mounted For projecting screen from laptop or desktop Austin-Main (limited),
DFW, San Antonio (limited)

Projector - mobile

For projecting screen from laptop or desktop Austin-Main (limited), Austin-Lamar, San Antonio
Document Camera For projecting a paper or transparency to projector or computer Austin-Main, Austin-Lamar (limited), DFW, San Antonio
Desktop Computer Desktop computer in room connected to projector; Plug-in USB for presenting Austin-Main (limited), DFW, San Antonio (limited)
Laptop Computer Media laptop with computer lab standard software to use for class Austin-Main, Austin-Lamar
Netbook Mobile Lab Media netbook with campus standard software
Request at
Speakers - mounted Speakers mounted in the ceiling for proper hearing in all parts of the room. Austin-Main (limited)
Speakers - mobile Desktop speakers for playing sound for entire classroom
Request at
Austin-Main (by request), Austin-Lamar

Interactive Whiteboard - integrates with computer;
Request mobile SmartBoard at

Austin-Main (C-222, D-166)
Mimio Interactive Whiteboard - integrates with computer
Request at
Austin-Main (mobile)

Microphone - wireless

xTag - wireless microphone for recording direct instruction;
Request at


Microphone - group

Clear One - room microphones for recording classroom discussions, limited to medium or small classrooms
Request at


(Student Response Systems)

Turning Point student response systems - for getting immediate feedback within the classroom
Contact Joel Rahn to get started

Austin-Main (limited)
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