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Alumni Council

The Alumni Council strives to continue Concordia’s mission by leveraging our network and resources to empower alumni to lead lives of critical thought, compassionate action and courageous leadership.

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Name | Sai Pathi, Alumni Council Chair

Title | Controller and Director of HR

Organization | Concordia University Texas

Degree and Year | BBA 2014, MBA 2017


Name | Candice Hill

Title | Director of Traditional Undergraduate Admissions

Organization | Concordia University Texas

Degree and Year | BA Religious Ed and Behavioral Sciences/ 2008


Name | Jason McGee

Title | Program Manager

Organization | University Federal Credit Union

Degree and Year | MBA, 2013

Headshot of Kristin McMinn

Name | Kristin McMinn

Title | Director of Marketing

Organization | Pluckers

Degree and Year | BA in Communications, 2000


Name | David Perego

Title | Product Manager

Organization | Caribou Financial Formerly MotoRefi

Degree and Year | MBA, 2017

Headshot of Sam Stewart

Name | Sam Stewart

Title | Financial Advisor

Organization | Thrivent

Degree and Year | BBA – Management, 2020