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Commitment to Equity and Belonging

A Place to Belong: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Concordia University Texas

At Concordia University Texas, we believe in fostering an environment where every student, regardless of background, feels empowered to thrive. Our Christ-centered approach underpins everything we do, guiding us to cultivate a community where critical thought, compassionate action, and courageous leadership intersect.

Our dedication to Access, Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ABIDE) is more than just a statement—it's a fundamental aspect of our mission. We understand that by prioritizing these principles, we not only align with our Christian values but also prepare our students to make a meaningful impact in a diverse world.

A diverse group of Concordia Texas students

University Equity Team

Our University Equity Team ensures inclusivity and guides initiatives for an inclusive campus environment, advocating for fairness and equity in all aspects of University life.

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ABIDE Initiative

The ABIDE Initiative fosters access, belonging, inclusion, diversity, and equity at Concordia University Texas, ensuring all individuals thrive academically and personally.

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Grounded in Christian values, we strive for compassion and focus on human dignity in all aspects of university life, embodying the teachings of Jesus in our pursuit of a more inclusive community.

Campus Ministry

At Concordia University Texas, fostering belonging is a top priority. If you encounter or witness any acts of prejudice or discrimination, we urge you to utilize the reporting form below. Your voice matters. Together, we can create a community where everyone feels valued and respected.

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Access, Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

At Concordia University Texas, our Christ-centered identity inspires us to celebrate heritage months, recognizing the diverse cultures within our community. However, our commitment to valuing diversity extends beyond these months, encompassing every student's perspective year-round. Through ongoing efforts to include everyone, we foster understanding and appreciation for the unique differences that enrich our campus.

  • University Equity Team Members
    Dr. Gerard Bolling

    Dr. Gerard Bolling

    Assistant Professor of Leadership & Theology Teaching and Learning Equity Officer, University Equity Team

    Pastor Jake Boessling

    Pastor Jake Boessling

    Campus Pastor & Director of Campus Ministry Faith and Belonging Officer, University Equity Team

    Shield with gray background

    Dr. Gregory Coleman

    Assistant Professor, English Department Faculty Member-At Large University Equity Team

    Dr. Elaina Jackson

    Dr. Elaina Jackson

    VP, Enrollment Management, Marketing, & Communications Co-Chair, University Equity Team

    Dr. Kristi Kirk

    Dr. Kristi Kirk

    Provost & Executive Vice President

    Cindy Melendez

    Cindy Melendez

    VP, Student Services Hispanic Servicing Institution Lead

    Shield with gray background

    Dean Brenna Nunes

    Dean of Students Student Life Officer, University Equity Team

    Dr. Jeffery Utzinger

    Dr. Jeffrey Utzinger

    Dean of Teaching and Learning Co-Chair, University Equity Team


Reporting Acts of Discrimination, Bias, and Prejudice

At Concordia University Texas, we are committed to creating a Christ-centered and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. The University Equity Team oversees efforts to confront bias, injustice, and inequity. Use the form below to report acts of discrimination or prejudice you experience or observe.


Why Report

We have established the Discrimination and Prejudice reporting form to uphold our commitment to access, belonging, inclusion, diversity, and equity (ABIDE). This confidential platform empowers students, faculty, and staff to report incidents undermining our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Using the reporting form, you actively contribute to ongoing efforts to create a more equitable and inclusive campus. Your input fuels the dialogue, collaboration, and education needed to advance a culture aligning with our Christian values.


What Happens Next

Your commitment to reporting discrimination or prejudice incidents is a crucial step in fostering a more welcoming community at Concordia University Texas. Here's what happens after you submit the Discrimination and Prejudice reporting form:

  • Prompt Review

    The Early Response Team (ERT) promptly reviews your report.

  • Notification to Leadership

    The Provost and the Chair/Co-Chairs of the University Equity Team (UET) are notified.

  • Response Team Formed

    Depending on the report's nature, a team of campus leaders is gathered to review it and develop an action plan.

  • Resolution Process

    The response team meets to determine the best action for handling the report. Additional stakeholders may be involved in the resolution.

  • Support Services

    If you have identified yourself in the report, the initial email will include resources for your emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

    Referrals to Counseling Services, Campus Ministry, or conversations with the University Equity Team are available upon request.

Ongoing Commitment

Your report contributes to ongoing efforts to create a more welcoming campus community. The Equity Team remains committed to fostering an environment where all individuals can thrive.

Thank you for taking an active role in shaping our inclusive future. Your contribution is valued, and together, we work towards making Concordia University Texas a place where everyone feels a deep sense of belonging.