Student Organizations

The Office of Student Activities oversees all student organizations and views their efforts as an important extension of the mission of Concordia University Texas to empower students of every background to lead lives of critical thought, compassionate action and courageous leadership.

Student organizations provide leadership opportunities, facilitate community and encourage lifelong learning, and they provide a great way for students to get involved on campus.

A full list of Student Organizations can be found on Tornado Radar, the home of all things related to student organizations and events.

How Do I Start a Student Organization?

Students interested in starting an organization can use the following resources to assist:

  1. Gather at least three students to be members in your organization.
  2. Select a faculty/staff advisor.
  3. Meet with the Director of Student Activities to review your organization.
  4. Finalize your Constitution and Bylaws.
  5. Follow the link to "Create Organization" on Tornado Radar or submit the Organization Registration Form.

Email with any questions. All information on current Student Organizations can be found on Tornado Radar.