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College of Health Sciences Advisory Board

The College of Health Sciences combines enriching academics with hands-on experiences that equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exemplary healthcare.

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Amber Shammas

Name | Amber Shamas, Health Sciences Advisory Board Chair

Title|Senior Director, College of Health Sciences 

Organization | Concordia University Texas

Advisory Board Placeholder Image

Name | Carlos Daniel

Title|Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Organization | Concordia University Texas

Headshot of Mary Faria

Name | Mary Faria

Title | President and CEO

Organization | AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine

Expertise | Healthcare Administration Higher Education Administration Change Management 

Headshot of Roxanne Flores

Name | Roxanne Flores

Title | Population Health & Clinical Quality Nurse Manager

Organization | Austin Regional Clinic

Expertise | Ambulatory Care, Population Health, Clinical Quality

Headshot of Sally Gilliam

Name | Sally Gilliam

Title | Regional Vice President / Chief Nursing Officer

Organization | Baylor Scott & White

Steve Jakobs

Name | Steve Jakobs

Title | Executive Director / Board Member

Organization | Capital Idea and HWACT

Headshot of Ashley King

Name | Ashley King

Title | Director of Healthcare Partnerships

Organization | Workforce Solutions Capital Area

Expertise | Healthcare Workforce Development

Advisory Board Placeholder Image

Name | Cullen Nigrini

Organization | Cullen Austin Physical Therapy

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Name | Bob Spurck

Title | Principal

Organization | FACHE

Expertise | Healthcare Management and Healthcare Consulting

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Name | Toni Swinton

Title | Administrative Director of Clinical Education

Organization | HCA St. David's


Advisory Board Placeholder Image

Name | Erin Vinegar

Organization | Halcyon Hospice

Advisory Board Placeholder Image

Name | Travis Vlantes

Title | Director of Applied Sports Science

Organization | Texas Athletics/St. David's Healthcare

Expertise |Athletic performance assessments, training load monitoring, periodization


Headshot of Tonya Ward

Name | Tonya Ward

Title | Director of Undergraduate Nursing Program

Organization | Concordia University Texas